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Air Quality and Transportation

Air quality and transportation is one of the four focal areas in the EIP. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) 2006 Threshold Evaluation found that the Tahoe basin was not attaining standards for carbon monoxide, ozone, and particulates. These pollutants pose threats to human health. Air deposition of nitrogen, phosphorous, and fine sediment contribute to pollution of Lake Tahoe.

Research under this topic includes sampling, modeling, and demonstration projects to control airborne particulate matter and other pollutants that may reduce clarity of Lake Tahoe or otherwise affect ecological values and human health within the basin. Research on air quality has a particular focus on transportation, as vehicle travel along roadways is an important source of air pollutants. The TRPA is planning to develop basin-scale monitoring plans for particulate matter, ozone and its precursors, and vehicle congestion and distances traveled.

Current Research Projects

Visibility Monitoring and Standards for Lake Tahoe Basin: Assessment of Current and Alternative Approaches

Lake Tahoe Visibility Impairment Source Apportionment Analysis

Particulate Emissions from Biomass Burning: Quantification of the Contributions from Residential Wood Combustion, Forest Fires, and Prescribed Fires

Distribution of ozone, ozone precursors and gaseous components of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Lake Tahoe Basin

The Tahoe Climate Information Management System (TahoeClim)

Improving meteorological data and forecasts for prescribed fire burn day decisions for the Lake Tahoe Basin

Impacts of vehicle activity on airborne particle deposition to Lake Tahoe

Sources of particulate matter

Road dust control

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