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2011 PSW Excellence in Research Award Winners

PSW Scientist of the Year 2011

Richard MacKenzie
Hilo, HI

Dr. MacKenzie is a Research Aquatic Ecologist in the Conservation of Biodiversity Program with the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry in Hilo, HI. His scientific accomplishments during 2011 were characterized by extreme levels of breadth and value. He accomplished an impressive number of high-impact publications, gave 6 presentations to a wide variety of audiences, was awarded multiple grants from outside organizations, led two workshops to the benefit of managers in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, and is leading an effort to develop a decision support tool to inform watershed management for the sustainability of freshwater ecosystems in light of climate change. All of the accomplishments above were completed while he maintained and expanded an impressive, internationally recognized research project on the combined effects of climate change and invasive species on streams along the Hamakua coast and anchialine pools along the Kona coast (serving in roles ranging from principal investigator / project administrator to principal field researcher person ) – and a variety of other science service contributions.

PSW New Scientist of the Year 2011

Jonathan Long
Davis, CA

Dr. Long is a Research Ecologist for the Fire and Fuels Program in Davis, CA. This award highlights his contribution to coordinating among and contributing to complex, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research teams and projects to address complex ecological sustainability issues in the Sierra Nevada. His intellectual, organizational, and collaborative skills have been an essential ingredient in successfully implementing a multi-million dollar collaborative grant to address a range of ecosystem effects of biomass removal from native forests in the Sierra Nevada. In addition, his accomplishments in science delivery are stellar, including organizing and co-hosting a symposium on Forest Management Decision Support Tools, improving the visibility of and access to publications resulting from associated research projects, and making research results more accessible to managers through reports, presentations, and workshops.

PSW Science that Makes a Difference 2011

Amy Lind
Davis, CA

Dr. Lind is a Wildlife Biologist specializing in herpetology in the Conservation of Biodiversity Program in Davis, CA. She has made a stunning array of contributions to basic and applied ecology and aquatic conservation through a combination of independent work and collaboration on several institutionally diverse teams. Her contributions included the publication of three high-impact journal articles, the completion of reports that address critical management issues, the development of a highly effective website to share critical information on a key component of aquatic biodiversity in the Pacific Southwest Region, multiple presentations to a diversity of audiences, including a webinar, outstanding contributions of expertise and guidance in hydropower re-licensing negotiations, and serving as a peer-reviewer for professional journals, including associate editorship for Herpetological Conservation and Biology.

PSW Research Professionals of the Year 2011

Amanda Uowolo
Hilo, HI

Amanda Uowolo is a Plant Ecologist in the Conservation of Biodiversity Program with the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry in Hilo, HI. She has been supremely committed to carrying out the objectives of complex, externally funded research projects and has greatly expanded the scope of all of our research projects in dry tropical forest ecosystems. She has consistently demonstrated a high level of excellence and commitment, and serves as an integral part of the our research team: researched and refined research questions, reviewed and co-authored scientific publications, developed technical documents and informational brochures, served as a co-mentor for the Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science Program, and gave multiple presentations to research and lay audiences. She also demonstrated a superior commitment to safety in all aspects of her work.

Mike Oxford
Riverside, CA

Mike Oxford is the Manager of the San Dimas Experimental Forest. Mike maintains the hydrologic instrumentation on the SDEF (rain gauge network, meteorological station, NADP collector, stream gauges, water quality sensors), downloads the data streams, and maintains a database of electronic records. In addition, he maintains the safety and functionality of the facilities on the SDEF, maintains or coordinates the maintenance of the infrastructure on the SDEF to allow access, and coordinates with a wide range of users interested in conducting research or learning about natural resource management. Mike has a remarkable personal dedication to the San Dimas Experimental Forest, valuing its history and place in Forest Service research.

PSW Research Support Staff of the Year 2011

Julie Farmer
Placerville, CA

Julie Farmer is the Office Automation Clerk at the Institute of Forest Genetics in Placerville, CA. She is primarily responsible for providing office support services to the employees and research programs located there. She has a very high work ethic and always goes above and beyond what is called for to support the research conducted at the Institute. On many occasions she has unselfishly volunteered to take on a diversity of tasks to help reduce administrative burdens for those who conduct research. Among her many contributions are the following: created a facility work-order tracking system for the Institute, develop a preventative maintenance schedule for the Institute, organize and streamline filing systems to reduce paper use, improved organization and access to needed supplies, and updated quarters and conference scheduling systems to make them more user friendly.

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