Frequently Asked Question

Where should I stay in Sequoia National Park?

We recommend Wuksachi Lodge as the first choice (where dining and lecture events will be taking place). Stony Creek and Montecito Lodge are less inexpensive options especially for people who like more rustic conditions and are in larger groups. Both Stony Creek and Montecito lodges are quite far away from the Wuksachi Lodge, however, transportation will be provided as needed.

I have been asked by Darren Walters of the DNC Parks & Resorts to post the following information for those who plan to stay in the Wuksachi Lodge:

Dear Guests,

Please provide the following information when you make your reservations:

Dates they wish to stay
Billing address for the credit card they will be using
Phone number
Credit card number and expiration date
Email address (if possible)

You can make reservations via e-mails as long as all of the above information is included.

Darren Walters
DNC Parks & Resorts
Group Reservation Specialist
Phone: (559) 253-5632
Fax: (559) 456-0542