CIRMOUNT's Role at the Open Science Conference

CIRMOUNT activities planned for the Global Change in Mountain Regions Open Science Conference
in Perth, Scotland from 1 to 5 October 2005 include:

  • Presenting a CIRMOUNT poster
  • Presenting a Panel Forum wherein CIRMOUNT and Russian scientists compare and contrast climate science research in respective regions
  • Convening a CIRMOUNT meeting for all CIRMOUNT participants and for CIRMOUNT Work Groups
  • Organizing a social event for CIRMOUNT participants and key members of the Mountain Research Initiative
  • Providing the CIRMOUNT logo for posters, ppt presentations, etc., to recognize identity with CIRMOUNT

For further information, contact Greg Greenwood ( or Craig Allen (

Articulating the Benefits of International Collaboration within Mapping New Terrain

Discussion of benefits and impediments to international collaboration CIRMOUNT at the international scale could achieve concrete form as a section within the Mapping New Terrain document, CIRMOUNT's forthcoming publication. This document serves to lay out the argument for integrated climate research in western mountains. To the degree that workgroup participants can articulate a rationale for international collaborations, inclusion within Mapping New Terrain will get that argument before managers of federal budgets. For further information, contact Greg Greenwood, (

Presenting the Global Change in Mountains Research theme to the International Group of Funding Agencies (IGFA) annual meeting.

IGFA brings together all the principal scientific funding agencies for global change research to discuss priorities, plans and other operational matters. As such, it is a logical venue for a pitch of the importance and needs of global change in mountain regions of the world. Such a presentation would be the mountain research community's attempt to make global change research in mountains as compelling as research in the Arctic.

MRI has asked the Swiss NSF to propose such a presentation to IGFA. We do not yet know if the Swiss NSF will act on MRI's request. If it does, MRI would like to assemble an international group of researchers to design, build and deliver such a presentation. CIRMOUNT includes the principal American researchers and thus ought to play a major role in this presentation. This project explores those opportunities. Contact Greg Greenwood ( for more information.