MTNCLIM 2008 Talks and Posters

Photo: Marmot, Credit: Dale Keller Marmot, Dale Keller,

The MTNCLIM 2008 Conference was held 9-12 June 2008 in Silverton, Colorado, USA.

Conference Program [pdf]

Abstracts for talks and poster presentations [pdf]

PDF's of talks and posters presented at MTNCLIM 2008

ARCHIVE: We are in the process of posting to the website as many of the MTNCLIM2008 talks and posters as possible. See the link just above (PDF's of talks...) for pdf's posted to date. If your presentation is not posted and you'd like it to be, contact Diane Delany ( Once the dust has settled, we will move the entire MTNCLIM2008 site to the archive section of the CIRMOUNT website and get the MTNCLIM site ready for 2010.

Archive of talks and posters from previous MTNCLIM conferences is available on the CIRMOUNT website.