Program and Schedule

Photo: Silverton Afternoon, Credit: Dale Keller Silverton Afternoon, Dale Keller,

The MTNCLIM 2008 Conference extends over four days, 9-12 June 2008.

Conference Program [pdf]

Conference Abstracts [pdf]

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Basic Schedule:

June 8 (Sunday): Pre-conference field trips (see below)

June 9 (Monday):
Public Town Hall Meeting Noon-1:30pm
Afternoon Work Group Meetings and Conference Registration
MTNCLIM Conference convenes at 6pm with evening dinner and keynote address

June 9-12: MTNCLIM Conference

June 12 (Thursday): MTNCLIM 2008 adjourns at noon
Post-conference manager's workshop: Climate Change Adaptation Workshop For Environmental Managers 12:30-5pm

June 13 (Friday): Cordillera Forest Dynamics Network (CORFOR) Workshop (Invited Participation)
Nate Stephenson (USGS) and Alvaro Duque (Univ. Nacional de Colombia)

Field trip #1 Pre-Workshop Walk and Talk Tour on Red Mountain Pass: For MTNCLIM participants planning to arrive in Silverton on the weekend, the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies is offering a "walk and talk" tour on Sunday afternoon, June 8th, to Red Mountain Pass and their lower Senator Beck Basin Study Area research and monitoring sites.  Depending on snowpack conditions, this could entail an easy 15 minute walk from US Hwy 550 on bare ground, or dealing with occasional patches of lingering snow, to see the Senator Beck Basin stream gauging station at the basin pourpoint, and the extensive intrumentation arrays at the Swamp Angel Study Plot, both at about 11,000' elevation.  The CSAS will encourage researchers that it is currently hosting in the Basin to accompany the group to talk about mountain (and snow) system research and climate change monitoring approaches and themes more broadly, in a casual, outdoor setting with folks from a broad range of disciplines ... emphasis on the informal interaction, versus the techy aspects of the study sites!  The group will try to depart from Silverton at 1:30 PM Sunday afternoon and return to Silverton by 4:30.  Those who may be staying in Ouray could arrange to meet the group at Red Mountain Pass.  If interested, please contact Chris Landry at the CSAS, at or by phone at (970) 387-5080 for more details.

Field trip #2 to the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory ( This field station, one of the most active in the world, is located at 2,800m (9,500 feet) in the West Elk Mountains, 8 miles from Crested Butte, Colorado. Come visit the Lab and meet with some of its scientists at an evening reception. You can arrive on Sunday 8 June (or earlier if you want to spend more time in the area) and then travel to Silverton (about a 4 hour drive, beautiful scenery) on Monday. There is an airport in Gunnison, 35 miles away (about an hour drive), served by United Airlines, and another airport in Montrose (2 hours away) with several airlines available; Montrose is about halfway between RMBL and Silverton. If you are flying to Denver or Colorado Springs (much larger airports) and driving to Silverton, RMBL is not very far out of the way. David Inouye will serve as host and can provide transportation for several people from RMBL to Silverton. If you'd like to reserve housing (rustic, bring your own bedding) or meals at RMBL, contact; $17 - $24.45 per night, depending upon the cabin, including station fees, $6.25 for breakfast, $7.00 for lunch, and $9.00 for dinner. There are also motel, hotel, and restaurant options at the ski area town of Mount Crested Butte, about 4 miles from RMBL, or in Crested Butte. For more information, contact David,

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