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To be held at Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth, Washington, October 17-21, 2016

The 2016 Mountain Climate Conference (MtnClim 2016) will continue the tradition of excellence established by over a decade of MtnClim meetings by working at the intersection of climate and a host of other scientific disciplines including hydrology, ecology, and glaciology. The twelfth Mountain Climate Conference will explore the central theme: Mountains without snow, what are the consequences? In addition to sessions on revolving current science themes, climate policy and decision-support, MtnClim 2016 will look at the role mountain snowpack plays in irrigation, hydroelectric generating capacity, and salmonid populations.

MtnClim 2016 will include oral and poster presentations featuring keynotes by thought leaders in the field as well as highlighting exceptional early-career scientists, providing forums for resource managers, and integrating undergraduate and graduate students. The 2016 conference will contain three additional foci on the central theme of understanding role of potentially declining snowpack in mountainous social-ecological systems:

  • Explore the impacts of the 2015 drought on ecosystem services in the American West
  • Understand the implications of rain on snow events for hydroelectric power generation in the Cascades
  • Discuss how we can manage snowpack for food, energy, and salmon in the Pacific Northwest and beyond

Program, registration, and additional information will be added here as it develops over the next year.

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