Policy Advisory Committee Chairs

Sedell, Jim, Director, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station

Weingardt, Bernie, Regional Forester, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region

Policy Advisory Committee Members

Berbach, Marty, Staff Environmental Scientist, California Department of Fish and Game

Bischel, Dave, President, California Forestry Association

Bowen, Bruce, Director of Environmental Policy, Pacific Gas and Electric

Boyd, Jim, Commissioner, California Energy Commission

Burke, Tim, Alturas Field Manager, US Bureau of Land Management

Carlson, Bill, Carlson Small Power Consultants

Ferrell, John, Director, National Biomass Coordination Office, US Department of Energy

Geldert, Dale, Director, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

McDermond, Ken, Deputy California Nevada Office Manager, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Hofmann, John, Director, Natural Resources, Regional Council of Rural Counties

Larson, Steve, Executive Director, California Public Utility Commission

Menke, John, Senior Environmental Scientist, California State Water Board

Mule, Rosalie, Board Member, California Integrated Waste Management Board

Nastri, Wayne, Region 9 Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency

Nawi, David, Board Member, California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection

Paparian, Mike, California Environmental Protection Agency

Thomas, Craig, Director, Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign

Trott, Chris, Fuel Procurement Manager, Covanta Energy

Turbeville, Bruce, Chairman, Fire Safe Council