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Aiding ecosystem treatments of dense small diameter stands on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Economizer in operation. Issues:
Closure of older mills in some rural communities, e.g., Hayfork, California, has removed the primary source of family wage jobs.

Resource managers on the Shasta Trinity and other National Forests are seeking assistance in designing financially viable density management treatments for small diameter (4-9 inches dbh) softwood stands.

Support community forestry by identifying high value products that can be manufactured from small-diameter timber.
Help resource managers understand the cost of treatments in small diameter stands and the value of the wood removed.

Technical Focus:
Approximately 400 trees will be harvested and sawn into lumber using an ``Economizer" portable sawmill. Sawing efficiency, lumber grade yield, alternative drying techniques, pulp yield, and pulp quality will be tested.

A portion of the lumber will be evaluated for use as high value moulding and millwork. The remaining lumber will be tested for a wide range of structural applications. Thermo-mechanical and kraft pulp quality and yields will also be measur
Value-added wood productsed.

Expected Outcomes:
The resulting data will be used to develop a Northern California variant of the Financial Evaluation of Ecosystem Management Activities (FEEMA) software to help northern California and southern Oregon resource manages design financially viable treatments for small-diameter stands.

Entrepreneurs from the Hayfork community will identify high value products that can be manufactured from small diameter using local skills and labor.

Community industries will use the resulting raw material to create family wage jobs and provide revenue to offset costs of forest management treatments.

Collaborators: Hayfork District, Shasta-Trinity National Forest; Watershed Research & Training Center, Hayfork, CA; Jefferson State Forest Products, Hayfork, CA; ALAMCO Wood Products, Inc; Albert Lea, MN; Western Wood Products Association, Portland, OR; Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USDA Forest Products Laboratory, PNW Research Station.

Contact: PNW Eini Lowell 503-808-2072, FPL Dave Green 608-321-9592, Gary Myers 608-231-9425.