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Sustainable Production of Forest Resources 2000.  (748k in pdf) [Abstract]


Wood production from ecosystem management activities in the Western United States


Log and lumber grades as indicators of wood quality in 20- to 100-year-old Douglas-fir trees from thinned and un-thinned stands General Technical Report, PNW-GTR-510 by R. James Barbour and Dean L. Parry (268k in pdf) [Abstract ]


Lumber recovery and deterioration of beetle-killed Douglas-fir and grand fir in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon. 1996. General Technical Report, PNW-GTR-376 by Dean L. Parry, Gregory M. Filip, Susan A. Willits, and Catherine G. Parks. (288k in pdf) [Abstract]


Managing the stands of the future based on the lessons of the past: estimating Western timber species product recovery by using historical data Research Note, PNW-RN-528 by James A. Stevens and R. James Barbour. (124k in pdf) [Abstract]


Assessing the Need, Costs, and Potential Benefits of Prescribed Fire and Mechanical Treatments to Reduce Fire Hazard in Montana and New Mexico.  Full Adobe Document by R. James Barbour, Roger D. Fight, Glenn Christensen, Guy L. Pinjuv, Venkatarao Nagubadi. (721k in pdf) Executive Summary


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