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Susan Stevens Hummel, Research Forester
USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station
P.O. Box 3890
Portland, OR 97208
phone: (503) 808-2084
fax: (503) 808-2020


Research Interests

Research focus is on stand and landscape dynamics of mixed-species, multi-storied forests. Current projects include evaluating biological and financial implications of forest reserve management. Susan studies stand and landscape dynamics of mixed-species, multi-storied forests and the ecological and financial implications of silvicultural systems.



She has a PhD in Forest Resources (Oregon State University), a M.A. in International Studies (University of Oregon), and a B.A. in Business Administration (Georgetown University).


Prior to joining the PNW Research Station she worked in low-latitude, mixed-species forests in the Americas and Asia. Susan is a native Oregonian.



For more information, link to the Gotchen LSR page.


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