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Robert Monserud,

Forest Scientist, ESP Team Leader [Profile]

         Forest mensuration



Eini Lowell,

Research Scientist [Profile]

         Deterioration of dead and dying trees

         Utilization of hardwoods

         Opportunities (with a value-added emphasis) within ecosystem management for using small diameter trees



Dean Parry,

Forester [Profile]

         Log volume and value analysis prediction equations

         Simulation sawing

         Suitability of using retired western red cedar power transmission poles for future use



Ellen Donoghue,

Social Scientist [Profile]

         Values and behaviors of users of public forestlands

         Institutional dimensions of collaborative resource management strategies

         Characterizing rural communities in the Pacific Northwest based on socioeconomic well-being and spatial relationships to public lands and service centers



Susan Stevens Hummel,

Research Forester [Profile]

         Stand and landscape dynamics of mixed-species, multi-storied forests

         Ecological and financial implications of silvicultural systems



Dennis Becker,

Post Doc Research Forester [Profile]


         Utilization of small diameter timber in Ponderosa Pine ecosystems

         Linking market opportunities for small diameter timber with natural resource community development

         Training and implementation of collaborative resource management strategies

         Community and forest restoration monitoring criteria and indicators



Geanne Hill,

Computer Assistant



Brian Scruggs,

Computer Clerk

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