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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle - examining the effects of ungulates on ecosystems"


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Starkey Publications for 1994
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Ager, AlanPublicationAger, A., and M. Hitchcock. 1994. Microcomputer software for calculating elk habitat effectiveness index. Wildlife Society Bulletin 22:126-128.
Bolon, NataliePublicationBolon, Natalie A. 1994. Estimates of the values of elk in the Blue Mountains of Oregon and Washington: evidence from the existing literature. USDA Forest Service, PNW Forest and Range Experiment Station, Portland, Oregon. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-316.
Cook, JohnPresentationCook, J. G., L. L. Irwin, L. D. Bryant, R. A. Riggs, D. A. Hengel, and J. W. Thomas. 1994. Studies of elk biology in northeast Oregon. National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement, Corvallis, Oregon, USA.
Cook, JohnPublicationCook, J. G., L. L. Irwin, L. D. Bryant, and J. W. Thomas. 1994. Fecal nitrogen and dietary quality relationships in juvenile elk. Journal of Wildlife Management 58:46-53.
Cook, JohnPublicationCook, J. G., R. A. Riggs, A. R. Tiedemann, L. L. Irwin, and L. D. Bryant. 1994. Large herbivore-vegetative feedback relations in the Blue Mountains ecoregion. Pages 155-159 in W. D. Edge and S. L. Olson-Edge, editors. Proceedings of a symposium on sustaining rangeland ecosystems. Oregon State University Extension Service Special Re
Holthausen, RichardPublicationHolthausen, R. S., M. J. Wisdom, J. Pierce, D. K. Edwards, and M. M. Rowland. 1994. Using expert opinion to evaluate a habitat effectiveness model for elk. USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station Research Paper PNW-RP-479, Portland, OR.
Irwin, LarryPublicationIrwin, L. L., J. G. Cook, R. A. Riggs, and J. M. Skovlin. 1994. Effects of long-term grazing by big game and livestock in the Blue Mountains forest ecosystems. U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report PNW-GTR-325.
Noyes, CeciliaUnpublished ReportNoyes, C., P. Coe, B. Wales, A. Blumton, and B. Johnson.. 1994. Estimates of canopy cover and defoliation from a Landsat scene for La Grande Ranger District. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, La Grande, Oregon, USA.
Noyes, JamesPublished AbstractNoyes, J. H., B. K. Johnson, L. D. Bryant, and J. W. Thomas. 1994. Preliminary results of effects of bull age on elk reproduction at Starkey Experimental Forest and Range. February 9, 1994. Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society.
Wisdom, MichaelPublicationWisdom, M.J. 1994. The Starkey Project: crystal ball for elk on public lands? The Bugle 11(3):67-76.

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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle in managed forests."
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