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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle - examining the effects of ungulates on ecosystems"


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Starkey Publications for 1993
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Ager, AlanPresentationAger, A. and A. Reger. 1993. Software applications for elk habitat management. Invited presentation at the workshop Elk Habitat Management. Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Newport, Oregon. March 1-2.
Bryant, LarryPublicationBryant, L. D., J. W. Thomas, and M. M. Rowland. 1993. Techniques to construct New Zealand elk-proof fence. U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report PNW-GTR-313.
Johnson, BrucePresentationJohnson, B. K. and J. W. Thomas. 1993. Overview of the Starkey Project. March 11-12, 1993. Washington-British Columbia Joint meeting of The Wildlife Society.
Riggs, RobertPublicationRiggs, R. A., J. G. Cook, L. L. Irwin, and J. L. Spicer. 1993. Relating timber management to cover for big game on interior northwest winter range: some thoughts on reducing conflict. Pages 18-36 in R. L. Callas, E. B. Koch, and E. R. Loft, editors. Proceedings of the Western States and Provinces Elk Workshop. Cali
Wisdom, MichaelPublicationWisdom, M. J., J. G. Cook, M. M. Rowland, and J. H. Noyes. 1993. Protocols for care and handling of deer and elk at the Starkey Experimental Forest and Range. U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report PNW-GTR-311.

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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle in managed forests."
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