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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle - examining the effects of ungulates on ecosystems"


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Starkey Publications for Resource Selection
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Johnson, BrucePublicationJohnson, B. K.; Kern, J. W.; Wisdom, M. J.; Findholt, S. L.; Kie, J. G. 2000. Resource selection and spatial separation of mule deer and elk in spring. Journal of Wildlife Management 64:685-697.
Johnson, BruceUnpublished ReportJohnson, B. K. 1999. Development and validation of seven empirical models of elk and mule deer resource selection in spring at Starkey Experimental Forest and Range. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, La Grande, Oregon.
Leban, FrederickPublicationLeban, Frederick A., Michael J. Wisdom, Edward O. Garton, Bruce K. Johnson, and John G. Kie. 2001. Effect of sample size on the performance of resource selection analysis. Pages 291 - 307 in J. Millspaugh and others, editors. Radio tracking and animal populations. Academic Press.
Leban, FrederickThesisLeban, F.A. 1999. Performance of five resource selection methods under different sampling designs: A case study with elk radio-telemetry data. Moscow, ID: University of Idaho. M.S. Thesis.
Long, RyanPublicationLong, Ryan, Muir, Johnathan D., Rachlow, Janet L., and Kie, John G. 2009. A Comparison of Two Modeling Approaches for Evaluating Wildlife Habitat Relationships. Journal of Wildlife Managemenent 73(2):294-302, 2009.
Stewart, KelleyPublicationStewart, Kelley M., R. Terry Bowyer, John G. Kie, Norman J. Cimon and Bruce K. Johnson. 2002. Temporo-spatial distributions of elk, mule deer, and cattle: resource partitioning and competitive displacement. Journal of Mammalogy 83:229-244, 2002.
Stewart, KelleyPublicationStewart, K. M., Bowyer, R.T., Kie, J.G., Dick, B.L.,Ben-David, M. 2003. Niche partitioning among mule deer, elk, and cattle: Do stable isotopes reflect dietary niche? EcoScience 10(3):297-302.
Wisdom, MichaelDissertationWisdom, M.J. 1998. Assessing life-stage importance and resource selection for conservation of selected vertebrates. PhD Dissertation, University of Idaho, Moscow. 188 pp.
Wisdom, MichaelPresentationWisdom, M. J.; Cimon, N. J.; Johnson, B. K.; Garton, E. O.; Bryant, L. D.; Thomas, J. W.; Kie, J. G. 2000. Distribution and spatial partitioning of mule deer and elk in relation to traffic. Presentation, Starkey Project Seminar Series, La Grande, OR, January.

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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle in managed forests."
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