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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle - examining the effects of ungulates on ecosystems"


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Starkey Publications for Herbivory
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Long, RyanPublicationLong, Ryan A., Rachlow, Janet L., Kie, John G. and Vavra, Martin. 2008. Fuels Reduction in a Western Coniferous Forest: Effects on Quantity and Quality of Forage for Elk. Rangeland Ecology and Management 61(3):302-313.
Stewart, KelleyPublicationStewart, K. M., Bowyer, R.T., Kie, J.G., Dick, B.L.,Ben-David, M. 2003. Niche partitioning among mule deer, elk, and cattle: Do stable isotopes reflect dietary niche? EcoScience 10(3):297-302.
Stewart, KelleyPublicationStewart, K.M., Bowyer, R.T., Ruess, R.W., Dick, B.L., Kie, J.G. 2006. Herbivore optimization by North American Elk: consequences for theory and management. Wildlife Monographs 167: 1-24, 2006.
Stewart, KelleyPublicationStewart, Kelley M., Bowyer, R.Terry, Ruess, Roger W., Dick, Brian L., Kie, John G. 2009. Population density of North American elk: effects on plant diversity. Oecologia 161:2 303-312, 2009.
Vavra, MartinPublicationVavra, M., A. Ager, B. Johnson, M. Wisdom, M. Hemstrom, and R. Riggs. 2004. Modeling the effects of large herbivores. In Hayes, J., A. Ager, & B. James, Ed. Methods for integrated modeling of landscape change: Interior NW Landscape Analysis Sys. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-610. USDA FS, PNW, Portland, OR. Pg 82-103.
Vavra, MartinPublicationVavra, M., M.A. Hemstrom, and M. Wisdom. 2007. Modeling the effects of herbivores on the abundance of forest overstory states using a state-transition approach in the upper Grande Ronde River Basin, Oregon, USA. Landscape and Urban Planning. 80:212-222.
Vavra, MartinPublicationVavra, Marty, Parks, Catherine G., and Wisdom, Michael J. 2007. Biodiversity, exotic plant species, and herbivory: the good, the bad, and the ungulate. Forest Ecology and Management. 246:66-72.
Wisdom, MichaelPublicationWisdom, M.J., Vavra, M., Boyd, J.M., Hemstrom, M.A., Ager, A.A., and Johnson, B.K. 2006. Understanding ungulate herbivory-episodic disturbance effects: knowledge gaps and management needs. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34(2):283-292.

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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle in managed forests."
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