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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle - examining the effects of ungulates on ecosystems"


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Starkey Publications for Distribution
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Ager, AlanPublicationAger, Alan A., Johnson, Bruce K., Kern, John W., Kie, John G. 2003. Daily and seasonal movements and habitat use by female Rocky Mountain Elk and Mule Deer. Journal of Mammalogy 84(3):1076-1088.
Ager, AlanPublicationAger, A. A., B. K. Johnson, J. G. Kie, and H. K. Preisler 2005. Movement and habitat use of Rocky Mountain elk and mule deer. March 20, 2004. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference 69.
Cimon, NormPublicationCimon, N., and P. Coe. 1992. The map machine: using the structured query language to produce precisely tailored maps of telemetry observations. Pages 1-7 in Proceedings of GIS '92 Symposium. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Coe, PriscillaPublicationCoe, Priscilla K., Bruce K. Johnson, John W. Kern, Scott L. Findholt, John G. Kie, and Michael J. Wisdom 2001. Responses of elk and mule deer to cattle in summer. Journal of Range Management 54:205:A51-A76.
Coe, PriscillaPublished AbstractCoe, P.K.; Johnson, B.K.; Kern, J.W.; Kie, J.G.; Wisdom, M.J. 2000. Distributions and resource selection of elk and mule deer in response to cattle in summer. Society for Range Management annual meeting, Boise, ID, February 14-21, 2000.
Dana, PeterPublicationDana, P. H., W. Fowler, and D. Hindman. 1989. Automated animal-tracking system: tracking elk with retransmitted Loran-C. Pages 53-61 in Proceedings of the 18th annual technical symposium of the Wild Goose Association. The Wild Goose Association, Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.
DelCurto, TimPublicationDelCurto, T.; Johnson, B.K.; Vavra, M.; Ager, A.A.; Coe, P.K. 2000. The influence of season on distribution patterns relative to water and resource use by cattle grazing mixed forested rangelands. Proceedings, Western Section, American Society of Animal Science 51:171-175.
Findholt, ScottPublicationFindholt, S.L.; Johnson, B.K.; Kern, J.W.; Ager, A.A.; McDonald, L.L.; Stussy, R.J. 2002. Adjusting for radiotelemetry error to improve estimates of habitat use. USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station PNW-GTR-555.
Irwin, LarryPublicationIrwin, L. L. 2002. Migration. Chapter 10 in D. Toweill and J. W. Thomas, editors. North American Elk: ecology and management. Second edition. Smithsonian Institution Press, 2002.
Johnson, BrucePublicationJohnson, B. K., A. A. Ager, S. A. Crim, M. J. Wisdom, S. L. Findholt, and D. Sheehy. 1996. Allocating forage among wild and domestic ungulates--a new approach. Pages 166-169 in W. D. Edge and S. L. Olson-Edge, editors. Proceedings of a symposium on sustaining rangeland ecosystems. Oregon State University Extension Service Special Report 953,
Johnson, BrucePublicationJohnson, B. K.; Kern, J. W.; Wisdom, M. J.; Findholt, S. L.; Kie, J. G. 2000. Resource selection and spatial separation of mule deer and elk in spring. Journal of Wildlife Management 64:685-697.
Noyes, JamesPublicationNoyes, J. H., B. K. Johnson, R. A. Riggs, M. W. Schlegel, and V. L. Coggins. 2000. Assessing aerial survey methods to estimate elk populations: a case study. Wildlife Society Bulletin 28:636-642.
Preisler, HaiganoushPublicationPreisler, Haiganoush K., David R. Brillinger, Alan A. Ager, and John G. Kie. 1999. Analysis of animal movement using telemetry and GIS data. Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Section on Statistics and the Environment:100-105.
Rowland, MaryPresentationRowland, M.M.; Wisdom, M.J.; Johnson, B.K.; Kie, J.G. 2000. Spatial distributions of elk in response to open road densities. Presentation, Starkey Project Seminar Series, La Grande, OR, January 2000.
Rowland, MaryPublicationRowland, M. M.; Wisdom, M. J.; Johnson, B. K.; Kie, J. G. 2000. Elk distribution and modeling in relation to roads. Journal of Wildlife Management 64:672-684.
Stewart, KelleyPublicationStewart, Kelley M., R. Terry Bowyer, John G. Kie, Norman J. Cimon and Bruce K. Johnson. 2002. Temporo-spatial distributions of elk, mule deer, and cattle: resource partitioning and competitive displacement. Journal of Mammalogy 83:229-244, 2002.
Wallburger, K.PublicationWallburger, K., T. DelCurto, M. Vavra, L. Bryant, and J. G. Kie. 2000. Influence of a grazing system and aspect, north vs. south, on the nutritional quality of forages, and performance and distribution of cattle grazing. Forested Rangelands, Proceedings, Western Section, American Society of Animal Science 51:181-184.
Wisdom, MichaelPublicationWisdom, M. J., B. K. Johnson, M. Vavra, J. M. Boyd, P. K. Coe, J. G. Kie, A. A. Ager, N. J. Cimon. 2005. Cattle and elk responses to intensive timber harvest. March 20, 2004. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference 69.

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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle in managed forests."
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