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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle - examining the effects of ungulates on ecosystems"


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Starkey Publications: Tiedemann, Arthur
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PublicationCook, J. G., R. A. Riggs, A. R. Tiedemann, L. L. Irwin, and L. D. Bryant. 1994. Large herbivore-vegetative feedback relations in the Blue Mountains ecoregion. Pages 155-159 in W. D. Edge and S. L. Olson-Edge, editors. Proceedings of a symposium on sustaining rangeland ecosystems. Oregon State University Extension Service Special Re
PublicationRiggs, R. A., J. G. Cook, A. Tiedemann, and L. Bryant. 1995. Twenty-seven years of succession in grand fir forests of the Blue Mountains: influences of wild herbivores. Proceedings of the Western States and Provinces 1995 Joint Deer and Elk Workshop, Sun Valley, Idaho. Idaho Department of Fish and Game.
PublicationRiggs, R. A.; Tiedemann, A. R.; Cook, J. G.; Ballard, T. M.; Edgeton, P. J.; Vavra, M.; Krueger, W. C.; Hall, F. C.; Bryant, L. D.; Irwin, L. L.; DelCurto, T. 2000. Modification of mixed-conifer forests by ruminant herbivores in the Blue Mountains Ecological Province. USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station Research Paper PNW-RP-527.

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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle in managed forests."
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