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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle - examining the effects of ungulates on ecosystems"


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Map Files (ESRI Interchange Format)
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Map DetailsMap NameDescription
Metadatastarkey_demDitigal Elevation Model data for Starkey at 10 meter resolution.
Metadataall_fencesAll fences including barbed-wire cattle fences and exclosures
Metadataelevation_contours_100100 foot topography elevation contours dervied from 20 foot contour map
Metadataelevation_contours_2020 foot topography elevation contours hand digitized rom USGS map
Metadatavegetation_forest_standsForest stands classified by ecoclass
Metadatavegetation_ecoclassVegetation ecoclasses
MetadatasoilsSoil types classified by soil series and depth
MetadataroadsAll roads on and immediately adjacent to Starkey, classified by road type
MetadatastreamsAll stream drainages classified by stream class and the presence or absence of running water
Metadatagame_proof_fencesGame proof fences only
Metadatawater_pointsLocation of all water point sources such as stock troughs.

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"Long-term studies of elk, deer, and cattle in managed forests."
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