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Communications—Print, Web, and Twitter

Arrow.340 total publications. (This includes station
series publications, journal articles, books or
book chapters, theses and dissertations, and
other publications.)
Arrow. 106,280 hard copies of station publications
Arrow.43,942 electronic publication downloads
from the station’s Web site and Treesearch
Arrow. 1,906 station publications available online
via the station’s Web site and Treesearch.
Arrow. 9 issues of PNW Science Findings published,
about 9,800 copies of each issue distributed.


  Pie chart: number of publications.

Web Visitors
Arrow.Total number of visits: 75,243 from 155
countries and territories (+ 8.5% from
Arrow. Total number of unique visitors: 48,851
(+8.7% from fiscal year 2010)
Arrow.Total number of page views: 205,698
(about 3 pages viewed per visit)
Arrow. Percentage of new visitors: 56.2%


Graph: number of publications from 2011 - 2011.



book cover

  Book cover
The station’s Twitter account has 560 followers—up from 250 in 2010. Reporters, natural resource professionals, and nonprofit groups comprise the majority of subscribers, who receive instant electronic alerts (tweets) to station news releases, new publications, and other information.

Our Most Popular Publications
All of the station’s publications are available online. Listed below are the 10
publications by station scientists most frequently downloaded from the
station’s Web site and Forest Service Treesearch site. Some of these publications
are decades old but still relevant today.

  1. Simulating Fuel Treatment Effects in Dry Forests of the Western United States: Testing the Principles of a Fire-Safe Forest (2011; Canadian Journal of Forest Research)
  2. Water, Climate Change, and Forests: Watershed Stewardship for a Changing Climate (2010; PNW-GTR-812)
  3. Adaptive Management of Natural Resources: Theory, Concepts, and Management Institutions (2005; PNW-GTR-654)
  4. FRAGSTATS: Spatial Pattern Analysis Program for Quantifying Landscape Structure (1995; PNW-GTR-351)
  5. A Tale of Two Cedars—International Symposium on Western Redcedar and Yellow-Cedar (2010; PNW-GTR-828)
  6. Natural Vegetation of Oregon and Washington (1973; PNW-GTR-008)
  7. Nonnative Invasive Plants of Pacific Coast Forests: A Field Guide for Identification (2011; PNW-GTR-817)
  8. The Formula Scribner Log Rule (1952; OSN-PNW-078)
  9. Advances in Threat Assessment and Their Application to Forest and Rangeland Management (2010; PNW-GTR-802)
  10. Ecological Characteristics of Old-Growth Douglas-Fir Forests (1981; PNW-GTR-118)


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Download the Report

Click here to download the PDF of the 2011 Science Accomplishments.

2011 Science Accomplishments Report.
(PDF - 9.82 MB)

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