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Elk Nutrition and Habitat Team


Priscilla Coe - Priscilla is a research wildlife biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in La Grande, where her research has focused on the Starkey Project, as well as ungulate ecology and habitat relationships across Oregon. Contact:; 541-962-6550.

Priscilla Coe

John and Rachel Cook - John and Rachel are research wildlife biologists with NCASI, the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement; their extensive research on elk nutrition across the Western United States has been pivotal in increasing our understanding of elk nutritional ecology. Contact: John Cook; 541-962-6536; Rachel Cook; 541-910-4311.

John and Rachel Cook
  Jennifer Hafer - Jennifer is a biological technician with the PNW Research Station in La Grande, Oregon. Her focus has been with the Starkey Project for several years, but her introduction to research was spent dabbling with entomology, invertebrates, and bird/small mammal projects.  Her interests include ungulate ecology pertaining to predation and interactions with recreation and spatial modeling with the use of geographic information systems (GIS).
Contact:; 541-962-6527.
Jennifer Hafer
  Bruce Johnson – Bruce is the Project Leader of the wildlife research team located in North East Oregon for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Bruce has lead research on habitats and resource selection of elk, mule deer, and cattle, factors important to elk productivity, and interspecific relationships of ungulates and large carnivores.  Contact:; 541-962-6556.
Bruce Johnson
  Bridgett Naylor - Bridgett is a GIS analyst with the PNW Research Station in La Grande, Oregon.  She has worked on the Starkey Project for several years, as well as on a variety of geospatial projects in the Pacific Northwest.  Her interests are in developing innovative uses of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, global positioning systems (GPS), and digital imagery to support invasive plant and landscape ecology research.
Contact:; 541-962-6564.
Bridgett Naylor
  Ryan Nielson - Ryan is a research biometrician with Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc., in Fort Collins, CO. Ryan's recent research in resource/habitat selection has involved the effects of global climate change on polar bears, and the effects of energy development on elk, pronghorn, and mule deer in Wyoming.
Contact:; 307-755-9447.
Ryan Nielson

Mary Rowland - Mary is a research wildlife biologist with the PNW Research Station in La Grande, Oregon, where she has worked on elk-habitat relationships, especially in relation to disturbance from traffic and roads, since the mid-1990s.  Her research interests include developing models for a wide range of species and broad-scale analyses of habitat threats for terrestrial species of concern.
Contact:; 541-962-6582.

Mary Rowland

Martin Vavra – Marty is an Emeritus Rangeland Scientist with the PNW Research Station in La Grande Oregon. Dr. Vavra has over 35 years of research experience on a variety of wild and domestic ungulates in western North America, including long-term research on elk, first as a Professor in Rangeland Ecology at Oregon State University, and later as Team Leader for the Starkey Ungulate Ecology Team with the PNW Research Station. Contact:

Marty Vavra

Mike Wisdom - Mike is a research wildlife biologist with the PNW Research Station in La Grande, Oregon.  Mike has conducted research on deer and elk since his days in the Coos Bay District of BLM, where he and others produced the first west-side elk model in 1986.  His current research focuses on responses of deer and elk to human disturbance, as well as effects of ungulate herbivory on ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.
Contact:; 541-962-6532.

Mike Wisdom


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