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Videos To Borrow

PNW has a selection of videos that we loan out for 2-week periods. They are not copyrighted and may be copied. If you borrow our videos, the only cost to you is return postage. To order a video click here.




BMNRI-V-1 Fire ecology and management in the Blue Mountains: fall 1993


BMNRI-V-2 Watersheds: the critical link: spring 1994


BMNRI-V-5 Soil: The foundation of the ecosystem: fall 1994


BMNRI-V-6 Noxious weeds: stemming the tide: spring 1995


BMNRI-V-7 Cottonwood and aspen: managing for balance, ecology, and management: fall 1995


BMNRI-V-9 Broad-scale assessment of land-use effects on fishes of the interior Columbia basin by Danny Lee and Bruce Reiman


BMNRI-V-10 Landscape analysis in ecosystem management: modeling process and pattern by Steve Garman


BMNRI-V-11 Mechanisms that drive bird species diversity in Yellowstone National Park by Andy Hansen


BMNRI-V-12 Late Quarternary environments of eastern Oregon: forest and fire history of the Blue Mountains by Peter Mehringer


BMNRI-V-14 Living with wildfire: spring 1998


BMNRI-V-15 Clearcutting; no clear-cut answer: fall 1998


BMNRI-V-16 Blue Mountains elk initiative: projects and progress


BMNRI-V-17 The breeding bull elk study: preliminary results and implications from the Starkey Experimental Forest and Range


BMNRI-V-18 Building the future: the Blue Mountains Natural Resources Institute


BMNRI-V-19 Choice and consequences: prescribed natural fire in wilderness


BMNRI-V-20 Circle in the forest: land management by consensus


BMNRI-V-21 Continually correcting course: a tale of adaptive management


BMNRI-V-22 East-side ecosystem management project video, August 1994


BMNRI-V-23 Fixing the system: ecosystem health in the Blue Mountains


BMNRI-V-25 The Limber Jim project: putting science to work


BMNRI-V-26 Managing for compatible uses: grazing, timber, and ecological resources


BMNRI-V-27 More than the sum of the parts: managing the ecosystem


BMNRI-V-29 Riparian revival: the Elk Creek demonstration area


BMNRI-V-30 Sharing the canvas: the learning center of the Blue Mountains Natural Resources Institute


BMNRI-V-31 Smallwood 98: conference and exposition


BMNRI-V-32 Transforming fire


BMNRI-V-33 Voice for the forest: a changing approach to public participation


BMNRI-V-34 Salmonids in peril: ecology and management of Blue Mountain native fishes


V-3 Clean air: a common objective


V-4 Gloom and doom or opportunity?


V-5 The spirit of the woods


V-17 Ecosystem management: background and principles


V-18 Profiling impacts on forest lands: 1996


V-19 Back to the basics: an understanding of riparian function and processes


V-20 Photo monitoring approaches in riparian systems 1996


V-21 Role of disturbance in boreal forest ecosystems


V-22 Satellite conference "A Vision in Common" 6/98


V-23 Where water meets the land: understanding and managing the riparian resource


V-24 Dr. Bill Walner on the Asian gypsy moth


V-25 Natural enemies of forest insect pests


V-26 Forest operations


V-27 Tall trees and test tubes: a chronicle of the Pacific Northwest Research Station


V-28 The urban forest: people and trees living together


V-29 Portland community treehouse project 9/1996


V-30 Keepers of the forest: the rewards and responsibilities of forest stewardship


V-31 Growing stock control: the route to diverse forest structure


V-32 Creating cavities in trees: one facet of ecosystem management


V-33 Forest fragmentation


V-34 Spruce bark beetle


V-35 America's forests: a history of resiliency and recovery


V-36 Clean air: a common objective


V-37 New concepts in ecosystem management: soil


V-38 New concepts in ecosystem management: soil ecosystem invertebrates


V-39 New concepts in ecosystem management: landscape analysis and design


V-40 New concepts in ecosystem management: overview of landscape processes


V-41 New concepts in ecosystem management: understanding aboriginal approaches to land management


V-42 Construction of the canopy crane


V-43 The forest canopy--the last biological frontier


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