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Research Papers: 2003

Image]: Cover of publication entitled Landscape Permeability for Large Carnivores in Washington: A Geographic Information System Weighted-Distance and Least-Cost Corridor Assessment.Research papers (RPs) provide results, analyses, conclusions of formal studies.


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RP-559 03-436 (2003) Changes in downed and dead woody material following a spruce beetle outbreak on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, by Bethany Schulz (955 Kb) [Abstract]


RP-557 03-332 (2003) Forest resources of southeast Alaska, 2000: results of a single-phase systematic sample, by Willem W.S. van Hees (2.14 MB) [Abstract]


RP-556 03-214 (2003) Alaska softwood market price arbitrage, by J.A. Stevens, D.J. Brooks (238 Kb) [Abstract]


RP-555 03-281 (2003) Performance of the SEAPROG prognosis variant of the forest vegetation simulator, by M.H. McClellan, F.E. Biles (668 Kb) [Abstract]


RP-554 03-010 (2003) Vegetation response to prescribed fire in the Kenai
Mountains, Alaska, by T.V. Boucher (2.58 MB) [Abstract]


RP-553 03-236 (2003) Estimating consumer willingness to pay a price premium for Alaska secondary wood products, by G.H. Donovan, D.L. Nicholls (448 Kb) [Abstract]


RP-552 03-152 (2003) Temporal and spatial changes in soil carbon and nitrogen after clearcutting and burning of an old-growth Douglas-fir forest, by J.A. Antos, C.B. Halpern, R.E. Miller, K. Cromack, Jr., M.G. Halaj (1.04 MB) [Abstract]

RP-551 03-064 (2003) Bulk density and soil resistance to penetration as affected by commercial thinning in northeastern Washington, by J.D. Landsberg, R.E. Miller, H.W. Anderson, J.S. Tepp (1.30 MB) [Abstract]


RP-550 03-027 (2003) Assessing values of air quality and visibility at risk from wildland fires, by S.A. Ferguson, S.J. McKay, D.E. Nagel, T. Piepho, M.L. Rorig, C.Anderson, L.Kellogg [Abstract]


RP-545 02-042 (2003) Disturbance departure and fragmentation of natural systems in the interior Columbia basin, by W.J. Hann, M.J. Wisdom, and M.M. Rowland (1.48 MB) [Abstract]


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