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Research Papers: 1999

Image]: Cover of publication entitled Landscape Permeability for Large Carnivores in Washington: A Geographic Information System Weighted-Distance and Least-Cost Corridor Assessment.Research papers (RPs) provide results, analyses, conclusions of formal studies.


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RP-521 99-007 (1999) Sand lance: a review of biology and predator relations and annotated bibliography, by M.D. Robards, M.F. Willson, R.H. Armstrong, and J.F. Piatt, eds. [Abstract]


RP-519 98-180 (1999) Land use in the Lake States region: an analysis of past trends and projections of future changes, by T.E. Mauldin, A.J. Plantinga, and R.J. Alig  [Abstract]


RP-518 97-268 (1999) Changes in the non-federal land base involving forestry in western Oregon, 1961-94, by D. Zheng and R. Alig [Abstract]


RP-517 97-129 (1999) Growth and yield of western larch under controlled levels of stocking in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, by P.H. Cochran and K.W. Seidel [Abstract]


RP-516 98-053 (1999) Old-growth forests in the Sierra Nevada: area by type in 1945 and 1993 and ownership in 1993, by D. Beardsley, C.L. Bolsinger, and R. Warbington [Abstract] (1.25 MB)


RP-515 98-241 (1999) Woodpecker use and fall rates of snags created by killing ponderosa pine infected with dwarf mistletoe, by C.G. Parks, D.A. Conklin, L. Bednar, and H. Maffei  [Abstract]


RP-514 98-099 (1999) Using estimates of natural variation to detect ecologically important change in forest spatial patterns: a case study, Cascade Range, eastern Washington, by P.F. Hessburg, B.G. Smith, and R.B. Salter  [Abstract]


RP-513 99-139 (1999) Comparative effects of precommercial thinning, urea fertilizer, and red alder in a site II, coast Douglas-fir plantation, by R.E. Miller, E.L. Obermeyer, and H.W. Anderson [Abstract]


RP-512 98-373 (1999) Thirty-five-year growth of ponderosa pine saplings in response to thinning and understory removal, by P.H. Cochran and J.W. Barrett  [Abstract]


RP-511 98-001 (1999) Land use in Maine: determinants of past trends and projections of future changes, by A.J. Plantinga, T. Mauldin, and R.J. Alig [Abstract]


RP-510  97-012 (1999) Electronic (fenceless) control of livestock, by A.R. Tiedemann, T.M. Quigley, L.D. White, W.S. Lauritzen, J.W. Thomas, and M.L. McInnis  [Abstract]


RP-508 97-177 (1999) Growth of ponderosa pine thinned to different stocking levels in central Oregon: 30-year results, by P.H. Cochran and J. W. Barrett  [Abstract]


RP-507 97-084 (1999) Vegetation resources inventory of southwest Alaska: development and application of an innovative, extensive sampling design, by W.W.S. van Hees [Abstract]


RP-500 99-019 (1999) Six-year growth of Douglas-fir saplings after manual or herbicide release from coastal shrub competition, by W.I. Stein [Abstract]



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