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Journals and other Publications for Second Quarter 2013

The following publications were not published by the Pacific Northwest Research Station, although the work was supported by the station. These publications may be viewed online at the USDA Research and Development Treesearch Web site listed under each article. If you would like a hard copy, you may print the articles from this Web site. You may also obtain hard copies through university libraries or from the publisher; some outlets may charge for these services. Forestry libraries in the Northwest receive proceedings volumes and subscribe to the journals in which PNW authors publish.

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click to expand/collapse. Botany

Schulz, B.K.; Dobelbower, K. 2012.
FIADB vegetation diversity and structure indicator (VEG).
In: Dengler, J.; Oldeland, J.; Jansen, F. [et al.], eds.
Vegetation databases for the 21st century. Biodiversity & Ecology 4: 436.

click to expand/collapse. Climate Change

Iverson, L.R.; McKenzie, D. 2013.
Tree-species range shifts in a changing climate: detecting, modeling, assisting.
Landscape Ecology. 28: 879–889.

click to expand/collapse. Economics

Kline, J.D.; Mazzota, M.J.; Spies, T.A.; Harmon, M.E. 2013.
Applying the ecosystem services concept to public land management.
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review.
42(1): 139–158.

click to expand/collapse. Fire/Fuels

Brewer, N.W.; Smith, A.M.S.; Hatten, J.A. [et al.]. 2013.
Fuel moisture influences on fire-altered carbon in masticated fuels: an experimental study.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 118: 30–40.

Frankman, D.; Webb, B.W.; Butler, B.W. [et al.]. 2013.
Measurements of convective and radiative heating in wildland fires.
International Journal of Wildland Fire. 22: 157–167.

Lee, Y.; Fried, J.S.; Albers, H.J.; Haight, R.G. 2013.
Deploying initial attack resources for wildfire suppression: spatial coordination, budget constraints, and capacity constraints.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 43(1): 56–65.

Lyons-Tinsley, C.; Peterson, D.L. 2012.
Surface fuel treatments in young, regenerating stands affect wildfire severity in a mixed conifer forest, eastside Cascade Range, Washington, USA.
Forest Ecology and Management. 270: 117–125.

Michaletz, S.T.; Johnson, E.A.; Mell, W.E.; Greene, D.F. 2012.
Timing of fire relative to seed development controls availability of non-serotinous aerial seed banks.
Biogeosciences Discussion. 9: 16705–16751.

Restiano, J.C.; Peterson, D.L. 2013.
Wildfire and fuel treatment effects on forest carbon dynamics in the western United States.
Forest Ecology and Management. 303: 46–60.

Wright, C.S. 2013.
Models for predicting fuel consumption in sagebrush-dominated ecosystems.
Rangeland Ecology & Management 66: 254–266.

click to expand/collapse. Fish

Polivka, K.M.; Friedli, L.M.; Green, E.C. 2013.
Stream inflow and predation risk affect littoral habitat selection by benthic fish.
Freshwater Biology. 58(5): 986–994.

click to expand/collapse. Geomorphology and Hydrology

Swanson, F.J.; Jones, J.A.; Crisafulli, C.M.; Lara, A. 2013.
Effects of volcanic and hydrologic processes on forest vegetation: Chaitén Volcano, Chile.
Andean Geology. 40(2): 359–391.

click to expand/collapse. Invasive Plants and Animals

Schulz, B.K.; Gray, A.N. 2013.
The new flora of the northeastern USA: quantifying introduced plant species occupancy in forest ecosystems.
Environmental Monitoring Assessment. 185: 3931–3957.

click to expand/collapse. Mycology

Guevara, G.; Bonito, G.; Trappe, J.M. [et al.]. 2013.
New North American truffles (Tuber spp.) and their ectomycorrhizal associations.
Mycologia. 105(1): 194–209.

Healy, R.A.; Smith, M.E.; Bonito, G.M. [et al.]. 2013.
High diverstiy and widespread occurrence of mitotic spore mats in ectomycorrhizal Pezizales.
Molecular Ecology. 22(6): 1717–1732.

click to expand/collapse. Recreation

Kline, J.D.; Rosenberger, R.S.; White, E.M. 2011.
A national assessment of physical activity on US national forests.
Journal of Forestry. 109(6): 343–351.

click to expand/collapse. Regional Assessments

Kline, J.D.; Kerns, B.K.; Day, M.A.; Hammer, R.B. 2013.
Mapping multiple forest threats in the northwestern United States.
Journal of Forestry. 111 (3): 206–213.

click to expand/collapse. Resource Inventory



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