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Journals and other Publications for Second Quarter 2013

The following publications were not published by the Pacific Northwest Research Station, although the work was supported by the station. These publications may be viewed online at the USDA Research and Development Treesearch Web site listed under each article. If you would like a hard copy, you may print the articles from this Web site. You may also obtain hard copies through university libraries or from the publisher; some outlets may charge for these services. Forestry libraries in the Northwest receive proceedings volumes and subscribe to the journals in which PNW authors publish.

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click to expand/collapse. Aquatic/Riparian Ecosystems

Hoffman, R.L.; Dunham, J.B.; Hansen, B.P., eds. 2012.
Aquatic organism passage at road-stream crossings—synthesis and guidelines for effectiveness monitoring.
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012-1090. 64 p.

Naiman, R.J.; Alldredge, J.R.; Beauchamp, D.A. [et al.]. 2012.
Developing a broader scientific foundation for river restoration: Columbia River food webs.
PNAS. 109(52): 7 p.

click to expand/collapse. Climate CHange

Raymond, C.L.; Peterson, D.L.; Rochefort, R.M. 2013.
The North Cascadia Adaptation Partnership: a science-management collaboration for responding to climate change.
Sustainability. 5: 136-159.

click to expand/collapse. Ecosystem Structure and Function

Johnson, D.M.; Domec, J.-C.; Woodruff, D.R. [et al.]. 2013.
Contrasting hydraulic strategies in two tropical lianas and their host trees.
American Journal of Botany. 100(2): 1-10.

Mayor, J.R.; Schuur, E.A.G.; Mack, M.C. [et al.]. 2012.
Nitrogen isotope patterns in Alaskan black spruce reflect organic nitrogen sources and the activity of ectomycorrihizal fungi.
Ecosystems. 15: 819-831.

McCulloh, K.A.; Woodruff, D.R. 2012.
Linking stomatal sensitivity and whole-tree hydraulic architecture.
Tree Physiology. 32: 369-372.

click to expand/collapse. Fire/Fuel

Butler, B.W.; Ottmar, R.D.; Rupp, T.S. [et al.]. 2013.
Quantifying the effect of fuel reduction treatments on fire behavior in boreal forests.
Canadian Journal of Forestry Research. 43: 97-102.

Hejl, A.M.; Ottmar, R.D.; Jannik, G.T. [et al.]. 2013.
Radionuclide activity concentrations in forest surface fuels at the Savannah River site.
Journal of Environmental Management. 115: 217-226.

Kerns, B.K.; Buonopane, M.; Thies, W.G.; Niwa, C. 2011.
Reintroducing fire into a ponderosa pine forest with and without cattle grazing: understory vegetation response.
Ecosphere. 2(5): 1-23.

Morvan, D.; Meradji, S.; Mell, W. 2011.
Numerical study of the interaction between a head fire and backfire and a backfire propagating in grassland.
Fire Safety Science. 10: 1415-1424.

Prichard, S.J.; Kennedy, M.C. 2012.
Fuel treatment effects on tree mortality following wildfire in dry mixed conifer forests, Washington State, USA.
International Journal of Wildland Fire. 21(8): 1004-1013.

Thompson, M.P.; Vaillant, N.M.; Haas, J.R. [et al.]. 2013.
Quantifying the potential impacts of fuel treatments on wildfire suppression costs.
Journal of Forestry. 111(1): 49-58.

click to expand/collapse. Fish

McMillan, J.R.; Dunham, J.B.; Reeves, G.H. [et al.]. 2012.
Individual condition and stream temperature influences early maturation of rainbow and steelhead trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss.
Environmental Biology of Fish. 93: 343-355.

Mills, J.S.; Dunham, J.B.; Reeves, G.H. [et al.]. 2012.
Variability in expression of anadromy by female Oncorhynchus mykiss within a river network.
Environmental Biology of Fish. 93: 505-517.

click to expand/collapse. Genetics

Gould,P.J.; Harrington, C.A.; St. Clair, J.B. 2012.
Growth phenology of coast Douglas-fir seed sources planted in diverse environments.
Tree Physiology. 32: 1482-1496.

click to expand/collapse. Invasive Plants and Animals

Endress, B.A.; Parks, C.G.; Naylor, BJ. [et al.]. 2012.
Grassland response to herbicides and seeding of native grasses 6 years posttreatment.
Invasive Plant Science and Management. 5: 311-316.

McDougall, K.L.; Khuroo, A.A.; Loope, L.L. [et al.]. 2011.
Plant invasions in mountains: global lessons for better management.
Mountain Research and Development. 31(4): 380-387.

click to expand/collapse. Mycology

Bonito, G.; Smith, M.E.; Nowak, M. [et al.]. 2013.
Historical biogeography and diversification of truffles in the Tuberaceae and their newly identified Southern hemisphere sister lineage.
PLOS ONE. 8(1): 1-15. e52765.

Halling, R.E.; Nuhn, M.; Osmundson, T. [et al.]. 2012.
Affinities of the Boletus chromapes group to Royoungia and the description of two new genera, Harrya and Australopilus.
Australian Systematic Botany. 25: 418-431.

click to expand/collapse. Natural Resources Policy

Geiser, L.H.; Jovan, S.E.; Glavich, D.A.; Porter, M.K. 2010.
Lichen-based critical loads for atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Western Oregon and Washington forests, USA.
Environmental Pollution. 158: 2412-2421.

click to expand/collapse. Plant Ecology

Buonopane, M.; Snider, G.; Kerns, B.K.; Doescher, P.S. 2013.
Complex restoration challenges: weeds, seeds, and roads in a forested wildland urban interface.
Forest Ecology and Management. 295: 87-96.

Johnson, D.M.; McCulloh, K.A.; Woodruff, D.R.; Meinzer, F.C. 2012.
Hydraulic safety margins and embolism reversal in stems and leaves: Why are conifers and angiosperms so different?
Plant Science. 195: 48-53.

click to expand/collapse. Silvicuture

Devine, W.D.; Harrington, C.A. 2013.
Restoration release of overtopped Oregon white oak increases 10-year growth and acorn production.
Forest Ecology and Management. 291: 87-95.

Urgenson, L.L.; Halpern, C.B.; Anderson, P.D. 2013.
Twelve-year responses of planted and naturally regenerating conifers to variable-retention harvest in the Pacific Northwest, USA.
Canadian Journal of Forestry Research. 43: 46-55.

click to expand/collapse. Urban Forestry Ecosystems

Wolf, K.L.; Blahna, D.J.; Brinkley, W.; Romolini, M. 2013.
Environmental stewardship footprint research: linking human agency and ecosystem health in the Puget Sound region.
Urban Ecosystems. 16: 13-32.

click to expand/collapse. Wildlife

Gervasi, S.; Gondhalekar, C.; Olson, D.H.; Blaustein, A.R. 2013.
Host identity matters in the amphibian-Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis system: fine-scale patterns of variation in responses to a multi-host pathogen.
PLOS ONE. 8(1): e54490. 1-11.

Olson, D.H.; Aanensen, D.M.; Ronnenberg, K.L. [et al.]. 2013.
Mapping the global emergence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, the amphibian chytrid fungus.
PLOS ONE. 8(2): e56802.



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