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Journals and other Publications for Second Quarter 2012

The following publications were not published by the Pacific Northwest Research Station, although the work was supported by the station. These publications may be viewed online at the USDA Research and Development Treesearch Web site listed under each article. If you would like a hard copy, you may print the articles from this Web site. For more information about Treesearch, see page 3 of this report. You may also obtain hard copies through university libraries or from the publisher; some outlets may charge for these services. Forestry libraries in the Northwest receive proceedings volumes and subscribe to the journals in which PNW authors publish.

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click to expand/collapse.Atmosphere

Raffuse, S.M.; Craig, K.J.; Larkin, N.K. [et al.]. 2012.

An evaluation of modeled plume injection height with satellite-derived observed plume height.
Atmosphere. 3: 103-123.


click to expand/collapse. Aquatic/Riparian Ecosystems

Janisch, J.E.; Wondzell, S.M.; Ehinger, W.J. 2012.
Headwater stream temperature: interpreting response after logging, with and without riparian buffers, Washington, USA.
Forest Ecology and Management. 270: 302-313.


click to expand/collapse. Climate Change

Haim, D.; Alig, R.J.; Plantinga, A.J.; Sohngen, B. 2011.
Climate change and future land use in the United States: an economic approach.
Climatic Change Economics. 2(1): 27-51.

McKelvey, K.S.; Copeland, J.P.; Schwartz, M.K. [et al.]. 2011
Climate change predicted to shift wolverine distributions, connectivity, and dispersal corridors.
Ecological Applications. 21(8): 2882-2897.

click to expand/collapse. Economics

Robbins, A.S.T.; Daniels, J.M. 2012.
Restoration and economics: a union waiting to happen?
Restoration Ecology. 20(1): 10-17.

click to expand/collapse. Ecosystem Structure and Function

Kennedy, M.C.; Ford, E.D. 2011.
Using multi-criteria analysis of simulation models to understand complex biological systems.
BioScience. 61(12): 994-1004.

click to
           expand/collapse. Fire/Fuels

Falk, D.A.; Heyerdahl, E.K.; Brown, P.M. [et al.]. 2011.
Multi-scale controls of historical forest-fire regimes: new insights from fire-scar networks.
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 9: 446-454

Fischer, A.P. 2011.
Reducing hazardous fuels on nonindustrial private forests: factors influencing landowner decisions.
Journal of Forestry. 109(5): 260-266.

Hyde, J.C.; Smith, A.M.S.; Ottmar, R.D. [et al.]. 2011.
The combustion of sound and rotten coarse woody debris: a review.
International Journal of Wildland Fire. 20: 163-174.

McKenzie, D.; French, N.H.F.; Ottmar, R.D. 2012.
National database for calculating fuel available to wildfires.
Eos. 93(6): 57-58.

McKenzie, D.; Kennedy, M.C. 2012.
Power laws reveal phase transitions in landscape controls of fire regimes.
Nature Communications. 3. 6 p. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1731.

click to expand/collapse. Fish

click to expand/collapse. Genetics

Cronn, R.; Knaus, B.J.; Liston, A. [et al.]. 2012.
Targeted enrichment strategies for next-generation plant biology.
American Journal of Botany. 99(2): 291-311.

click to expand/collapse. Invertebrates

Foster, A.D.; Claeson, S.M. 2011.
Habitats and seasonality of riparian-associated millipedes in southwest Washington, USA.
Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews. 4: 203-220.

click to expand/collapse. Mycology

Galante, T.E.; Horton, T.R.; Swaney, D.P. 2011.
95% of basidiospores fall within 1 m of the cap: a field- and modeling-based study.
Mycologia. 103(6): 1175-1183.

Kropp, B.R.; Albee-Scott, S.; Castellano, M.A.; Trappe, J.M. 2012.
Cryptolepiota, a new sequestrate genus in the Agaricaceae with evidence for adaptive radiation in western North America.
Mycologia. 104(1): 164-174.

click to expand/collapse. Natural Resource Policy

click to expand/collapse. Plant Ecology

Peter, D.H.; Agee, J.K.; Sprugel, D.G. 2011.
Effects of prescribed burning on leaves and flowering Quercus garryana.
Trees. 25: 679-688.

click to expand/collapse. Recreation

Seekamp, E.; Cerveny, L.K.; McCreary, A. 2011.
Institutional, individual, and socio-cultural domains of partnerships: a typology of USDA Forest Service recreation partners.
Environmental Management. 48: 615-630.

click to expand/collapse. Soil

click to expand/collapse. Statistics

click to expand/collapse. Water Resources

click to expand/collapse. Wildlife

Statham, M.J.; Sacks, B.N.; Aubry, K.B. [et al.]. 2012.
The origin of recently established red fox populations in the United States: translocations or natural range expansions?
Journal of Mammalogy. 93(1): 52-65.

Wilk, R.J.; Raphael, M.G.; Nations, C.S.; Ricklefs, J.D. 2010.
Initial response of small ground-dwelling mammals to forest alternative buffers along headwater streams in the Washington Coast Range, USA.
Forest Ecology and Management. 260: 1567-1578.

click to expand/collapse. Wood Utilization

Barbuta, C.; Blanchet, P.; Cloutier, A. [et al.]. 2012.
OSB as substrate for engineered wood flooring.
European Journal of Wood Products. 70: 37-43.

Todoroki, C.L.; Lowell, E.C.; Dykstra, D.P.; Briggs, D.G. 2012.
Maps and models of density and stiffness within individual Douglas-fir trees.
SCION. 42: 1-13.

Yadama, V.; Lowell, E.C.; Langum, C.E. 2012.
Characterization of wood strands from young, small-diameter Douglas-fir and western hemlock trees.
Wood and Fiber Science. 44(1): 36-45.



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