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Journals and other Publications for First Quarter 2011

The following publications were not published by the Pacific Northwest Research Station, although the work was supported by the station. These publications may be viewed online at the USDA Research and Development Treesearch Web site listed under each article. If you would like a hard copy, you may print the articles from this Web site. For more information about Treesearch, see page 3 of this report. You may also obtain hard copies through university libraries or from the publisher; some outlets may charge for these services. Forestry libraries in the Northwest receive proceedings volumes and subscribe to the journals in which PNW authors publish.

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click to expand/collapse. Climate Change

Spies, T.A.; Giesen, T.W.; Swanson, F.J.; Franklin, J.F. [et. al]. 2010.

Climate change adaptation strategies for federal forests of the Pacific Northwest, USA: ecological, policy, and socio-economic perspectives.

Landscape Ecology. 25(8): 1185-1199.

click to expand/collapse. Ecosystem Structure and Function

Waldrop, M.P.; Wickland, K.P.; White, R., III; Berhe, A.A. [et. al]. 2010.

Molecular investigations into a globally important carbon pool: permafrost-protected carbon in Alaskan soils.
Global Change Biology. 16(9): 2543-2554.


Walsh, M.K.; Pearl, C.A.; Whitlock, C.; Bartlein, P.J.; Worona, M.A. 2010.

An 11 000-year-long record of fire and vegetation history at Beaver Lake, Oregon, central Willamette Valley.
Quaternary Science Reviews. 29: 1093-1106.


Zimov, N.S.; Zimov, S.A.; Zimova, A.E.; Zimova, G.M. [et. al]. 2009.

Carbon storage in permafrost and soils of the mammoth tundra-steppe biome: role in the global carbon budget.
Geophysical Research Letters. 36: L02502. 6 p.

click to expand/collapse. Fire/Fuels

Reynolds, K.M.; Hessburg, P.F.; Keane, R.E.; Menakis, J.P. 2009.
National fuel-treatment budgeting in US federal agencies: capturing opportunities for transparent decision-making
Forest Ecology and Management. 258: 2373-2381.

Spies, T.A.; Miller, J.D.; Buchanan, J.B.; Lehmkuhl, J.F. [et. al]. 2009. Underestimating risks to the northern spotted owl in fire-prone forests: response to Hanson et al. Conservation Biology. 24(1): 330-333.


Wright, C.S.; Ottmar, R.D.; Vihnanek, R.E. 2010.
Critique of Sikkink and Keane's comparison of surface fuel sampling techniques.
International Journal of Wildland Fire. 19: 374-376.

click to expand/collapse. Forest Management

Pabst, R.J.; Goslin, M.N.; Garman, S.L.; Spies, T.A. 2008.
Calibrating and testing a gap model for simulating forest management in the Oregon Coast Range.
Forest Ecology and Management. 256(5): 958-972.


click to
           expand/collapse. Genetics

Parks, M.; Liston, A.; Cronn, R. 2010.

Meeting the challenges of non-referenced genome assembly from short-read sequence data.

Acta Horticulturae. 859: 323-332.


click to expand/collapse. Geomorphology and Hydrology

Payn, R.A.; Gooseff, M.N.; McGlynn, B.L.; Bencala, K.E.; Wondzell, S.M. 2009.

Channel water balance and exchange with subsurface flow along a mountain headwater stream in Montana, United States.
Water Resources Research. 45. W11427: 14 p.

click to expand/collapse. Invasive Plants and Animals

Progar, R.A.; Markin, G.; Milan, J.; Barbouletos, T.; Rinella, M.J. 2010.

Inundative release of Aphthona spp. flea beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomlidae) as a biological "herbicide" on leafy spurge in riparian areas.
Journal of Economic Entomology. 103(2): 242-248.

Vaclavik, T.; Kanaskie, A.; Hansen, E.M.; Ohmann, J.L.; Meentemeyer, R.K. 2010.
Predicting potential and actual distribution of sudden oak death in Oregon: prioritizing landscape contexts for early detection and eradication of disease outbreaks.
Forest Ecology and Management. 260: 1026-1035.

click to expand/collapse. Invertebrates

Progar, R.A.; Rinella, M.J.; Fekedulegn, D.; Butler, L.G. 2010.

Nuclear polyhedrosis virus as a biological control agent for Malacosoma americanum (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae).
Journal of Appied Entomology. 134(8): 641–646.


Salinas-Moreno, Y.; Ager, A.; Vargas, C.F.; Hayes, J.L.; Zuniga, G. 2010.

Determining the vulnerability of Mexican pine forests to bark beetles of the genus Dendroctonus Erichson (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae).
Forest Ecology and Management. 260: 52–61.

click to expand/collapse. Land Use

Syphard, Alexandra D.; Stewart, Susan I.; McKeefry, Jason; Hammer, Roger B.; Fried, Jeremy S.; Holcomb, Sherry; Radeloff, Volker C. 2009.

Assessing housing growth when census boundaries change
International Journal of Geographical Information Systems. 23(7): 859–876.

click to expand/collapse. Plant Ecology

Scholz, F.G.; Bucci, S.J.; Hoffmann, W.A.; Meinzer, F.C.; Goldstein, G. 2010.

Hydraulic lift in a neotropical savanna: experimental manipulation and model simulations.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 150: 629–639.


Schulte, P.J.; Costa, D.G. 2010.

Xylem anisotropy and water transport—a model for the double sawcut experiment.

Tree Physiology. 30: 901–913.


Turetsky, M.R.; Mack, M.C.; Hollingsworth, T.N.; Harden, J.W. 2010.

The role of mosses in ecosystem succession and function in Alaska's boreal forest."

Canadian Journal of Forestry Research. 40: 1237–1264.


Yarie, J.; Van Cleve, K. 2010.

Long-term monitoring of climatic and nutritional affects on tree growth in interior Alaska.

Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 40: 1325–1335.

click to
           expand/collapse. Range Management

Huntsinger, L.; Johnson, M.; Stafford, M.; Fried, J.S. 2010.

Managing multi-ungulate systems in disturbance-adapted forest ecosystems in North America.

Forestry. 83(2): 177-187.


click to
           expand/collapse. Remote Sensing

Pascual, C.; Garcia-Abril, A.; Cohen, W.B.; Martin-Fernandez, S. 2010.

Relationship between LiDAR-derived forest canopy height and Landsat images.
International Journal of Remote Sensing. 31(5): 1261–1280.


Sullivan, A.A.; McGaughey, R.J.; Andersen, H.-E.; Schiess, P. 2009.

Object-oriented classification of forest structure from light detection and ranging data for stand mapping.
Western Journal of Applied Forestry. 24(4): 198–204.


Wharton, S.; Chasmer, L.; Falk, M.; Paw U, K.T. 2009.

Strong links between teleconnections and ecosystem exchange found at a Pacific Northwest old-growth forest from flux tower and MODIS EVI data.
Global Change Biology. 15: 2187–2205.

click to
           expand/collapse. Silviculture

click to
           expand/collapse. Soil

Slesak, R.A.; Harrignton, T.B.; Schoenholtz, S.H. 2010.

Soil and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) foliar nitrogen responses to variable logging-debris retention and competing vegetation control in the Pacific Northwest.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 40: 254–264.


Slesak, R.A.; Schoenholtz, S.H.; Harrington, T.B. 2010.

Soil respiration and carbon responses to logging debris and competing vegetation.
Forest, Range and Wildland Soils. 74(3): 936–946.


click to
           expand/collapse. Special Forest Products

Veluthoor, S.; Li, S.; Kelsey, R.G.; Dolan, M.C. [et. al]. 2010.

Two new diterpene phenols from Calocedrus decurrans.
Natural Product Communications. 5(4): 519–522.


click to expand/collapse. Threatened, Endangered, Sensitive Species

Swingle, J.K.; Forsman, E.D.; Anthony, R.G. 2010.

Survival, mortality, and predators of red tree voles (Arborimus longicaudus).
Northwest Science. 84(3): 225–265.

click to
           expand/collapse. Water Resources

Seibert, J.; McDonnell, J.J.; Woodsmith, R.D. 2010.

Effects of wildfire on catchment runoff response: a modeling approach to detect changes in snow-dominated forested catchments.
Hydrology Research. 41(5): 378–390.

click to
               expand/collapse. Wildlife

Price, W.W.; Landon, C.P.; Forsman, E.D. 2010.

Effects of wildfire on catchment runoff response: a modeling approach to detect changes in snow-dominated forested catchments.
Hydrology Research. 41(5): 378–390.


Pyare, S.; Smith, W.P.; Shanley, C. 2010.

Den use and selection by northern flying squirrels in fragmented landscapes.
Journal of Mammalogy. 91(4): 886–896.


Sacks, B.N.; Statham, M.J.; Perrine, J.D.; Wisely, S.M.; Aubry, K.B. 2010.

North American montane red foxes: expansion, fragmentation, and the origin of the Sacramento Valley red fox.
Conservation Genetics. 11(4): 1523–1539.

click to
           expand/collapse. Wood Utilization



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