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The following publications are at the printer but available in electronic format now. All of our electronic publications require the Acrobat Reader program. You can download the Acrobat Reader free of charge.



Science Findings 188 (August 2016) What people value: an ecosystem services approach to managing public lands, based on science by Robert Deal, Nikola Smith, Dale Blahna, Jeff Kline (6 MB)


GTR-940 (2016) Characterizing a forest insect outbreak in Colorado by using MODIS NDVI phenology data and aerial detection survey data, by Charlie Schrader-Patton, Nancy E. Grulke, Melissa E. Dressen (1 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-938 (2016) Elemental atmospheric pollution assessment via mossbased measurements in Portland, Oregon, by Demetrios Gatziolis, Sarah Jovan, Geoffrey Donovan, Michael Amacher, Vicente Monleon (12 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-937 (2016) An initial evaluation of potential options for managing riparian reserves of the Aquatic Conservation Strategy of the Northwest Forest Plan, by Gordon H. Reeves, Brian R. Pickard, K. Norman Johnson (18 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-936 (2016) Planning, implementation, and history of the first 5 years of operation of the Craig, Alaska, pool and school biomass heating system—a case study, by K. Petersen and Allen M. Brackley (11 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-934 (2016) Tongass National Forest timber demand: projections for 2015 to 2030, by Jean M. Daniels, Michael D. Paruszkiewicz, Susan J. Alexander (3 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-933 (2016) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 20 years (1994–2013): status and trend of marbled murrelet populations and nesting habitat, by Gary A. Falxa, Martin G. Raphael, tech. coords. (8 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-926 (2016) MCFire model technical description, by David R. Conklin, James M. Lenihan, Dominique Bachelet, Ronald P. Neilson, John B. Kim (2 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-909 (2016) Annotated bibliography of the red tree vole (Arborimus longicaudus), Sonoma tree vole (A. pomo), and white-footed vole (A. albipes), by James K. Swingle, Eric D. Forsman, comps. (1 MB) [Abstract]


RP-608 (2016) Cultural plant harvests on federal lands: perspectives from members of the Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association, by Rebecca Dobkins, Ceara Lewis, Susan Hummel, Emily Dickey (15 MB) [Abstract]





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