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General Technical Reports: 2012


[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-887 (2013) Fuel Characteristic Classification System version 3.0: technical documentation, by Susan J. Prichard, David V. Sandberg, Roger D. Ottmar, Ellen Eberhardt, Anne Andreu, Paige Eagle, Kjell Swedin [Abstract] (7.0 MB)


GTR-886 (2013) Energy efficiency in U.S. Forest Service facilities: a multiregion review, by Rachelle S. Meyer, David L. Nicholls, Trista M. Patterson, Rachel E. White [Abstract] (1.0 MB)


GTR-885 (2013) Lignocellulose to transportation fuels—historical perspectives and status of worldwide facilities in 2010–2011, by John Zerbe, David Nicholls [Abstract] (223 KB)


GTR-884 (2013) Assessing the vulnerability of watersheds to climate change: results of national forest watershed vulnerability pilot assessments, by Michael J. Furniss, Ken B. Roby, Dan Cenderelli, John Chatel, Caty F. Clifton, Alan Clingenpeel, Polly E. Hays, Dale Higgins, Ken Hodges, Carol Howe, Laura Jungst, Joan Louie, Christine Mai, Ralph Martinez, Kerry Overton, Brian P. Staab, Rory Steinke, and Mark Weinhold. Appendix.[Abstract] (2.7 MB)


GTR-883 (2013) Estimation of national forest visitor spending averages from National Visitor Use Monitoring: round 2. by Eric M. White, Darren B. Goodding and Daniel J. Stynes. [Abstract] (875 KB)


GTR-882 (2013) Community Energy Management in Sitka, Alaska What Strategies Can Help Increase Energy Independence?. by David Nicholls and Trista Patterson. [Abstract] (710 KB)


GTR-881 (2013) Changes in land use and housing on resource lands in Washington state, 1976–2006, by Andrew N. Gray, David L. Azuma, Gary J. Lettman, Joel L. Thompson, Neil McKay [Abstract]


GTR-880 (2013)Density Management in the 21st Century: West Side Story, by Paul D. Anderson, Kathryn L. Ronnenberg, eds. [Abstract] (11 MB)


GTR-879 (2013) Exploring the role of traditional ecological knowledge in climate change initiatives by Kirsten Vinyeta and Kathy Lynn. [Abstract] (447 KB)


GTR-877 (2013) ArcFuels User Guide and Tutorial: for use with ArcGIS 9 by Nicole M. Vaillant, Alan A. Ager, John Anderson and Lauren Miller [Abstract](16 MB)


GTR-876 (2013) Mohawk Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 45 by Reid Schuller [Abstract] (5 MB)


GTR-875 (2013) ArcFuels10 system overview by Nicole M. Vaillant, Alan A. Ager, and John Anderson. [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-874 (2013) Upper Elk Meadows Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 43. by Reid Schuller and Cheshire Mayrsohn. [Abstract] (8 MB)


GTR-873 (2013) Fox Hollow Research Natural Area: Guidebook Supplement 44 by Reid Schuller [Abstract] (5 MB)


GTR-872 (2013) Biomass production on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, Washington: updated logging residue ratios, slash pile volume-to-weight ratios, and supply curves for selected locations byJason C. Cross, Eric C. Turnblom, and Gregory J. Ettl [Abstract] (2 MB)


GTR-871 (2013) A photographic guide to Acacia koa defects by Eini C. Lowell, Janice K. Wiedenbeck, and Betsy S. Porterfield [Abstract] (10.8 MB)


GTR-870 (2013) Effects of climatic variability and change on forest ecosystems: a comprehensive science synthesis for the U.S. forest sector by James M. Vose, David L. Peterson, Toral Patel-Weynand and eds. [Abstract] (7 MB)



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