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General Technical Reports: 2009


[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Handbook to Additional Fungal Species of Special Concern in the Northwest Forest Plan.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-805 (2009) Estimating volume, biomass, and potential emissions of hand-piled fuels, by Clinton S. Wright, Cameron S. Balog, Jeffrey W. Kelly [Abstract] (2.55 MB)


GTR-801 (2009) Engaging western landowners in climate change mitigation: a guide to carbon-oriented forest and range management and carbon market opportunities, by David D. Diaz, Susan Charnley, Hannah Gosnell [Abstract] (2.6 MB)


GTR-799 (2009) Exploring National Environmental Policy Act processes across federal land management agencies, by Marc J. Stern, Michael J. Mortimer [Abstract] (419 KB)


GTR-798 (2009) Interagency strategy for the Pacific Northwest Natural Areas Network, by Todd M. Wilson, Reid Schuller, Russ Holmes, [and others] [Abstract] (3.4 MB)


GTR-797 (2009) Forest-land conversion, ecosystem services, and economic issues for policy: a review, by Robert A. Smail, David J. Lewis [Abstract] (1.0 MB)


GTR-796 (2009) The U.S. glulam beam and lamstock market and implications for Alaska lumber, by Joseph A. Roos, Allen M. Brackley, Daisuke Sasatani [Abstract] (2.29 MB)


GTR-795 (2009) Private forests, public benefits: increased housing density and other pressures on private forest contributions, by Susan M. Stein, Ronald E. McRoberts, Lisa G. Mahal, Mary A. Carr, Ralph J. Alig, Sara J. Comas, David M. Theobald, and Amanda Cundiff. [Abstract] (5.02 MB)


GTR-794 (2009) Canopy structure on forest lands in western Oregon: differences among forest types and stand ages, by Anne C.S. McIntosh, Andrew N. Gray, Steven L. Garman [Abstract] (3.73 MB)


GTR-793 (2009) Wood energy in Alaska--case study evaluations of selected facilities, by David Nicholls [Abstract] (818 KB)


GTR-792 (2009) A sensitivity analysis of “Forests on the Edge: Housing Development on America’s Private Forests.” by Eric M. White, Ralph J. Alig, Susan M. Stein, Lisa G. Mahal, David M. Theobald [Abstract] (1.52 MB)


GTR-791 (2009) Forest growth and timber quality: crown models and simulation methods for sustainable forest management, by Dennis P. Dykstra, Robert A. Monserud [Abstract] (6.0 MB)


GTR-790 (2009) Characteristics of remnant old-growth forests in the northern Coast Range of Oregon and comparison to surrounding landscapes, by Andrew N. Gray, Vicente J. Monleon, Thomas A. Spies [Abstract] ( 2.52 MB)


GTR-788 (2009) Values, beliefs, and attitudes technical guide for Forest Service land and resource management, planning, and decisionmaking, by Stewart D. Allen, Denise A. Wickwar, Fred P. Clark, Robert R. Dow, Robert Potts, Stephanie A. Snyder, [Abstract] (490 KB)


GTR-787 (2009) Alaska's timber harvest and forest products industry, 2005, by Jeff M. Halbrook, Todd A. Morgan, Jason P. Brandt, Charles E. Keegan III, Thale Dillon, Tarra M. Barret [Abstract] (1.5 MB)


GTR-786 (2009) Benjamin Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 36, by Reid Schuller and Ron Halvorson [Abstract] (533 KB)


GTR-785 (2009) Cooperative Alaska Forest Inventory, by Thomas Malone, Jingjing Liang, and Edmond C. Packee [Abstract] (1.5 MB)


GTR-784 (2009) The Western Bark Beetle Research Group: a unique collaboration with Forest Health Protection—proceedings of a symposium at the 2007 Society of American Foresters conference, by J.L. Hayes, J.E. Lundquist, comps [Abstract] (2.4 MB)


GTR-783 (2009) Cordwood energy systems for community heating in Alaska--an overview, by David Nicholls and Tom Miles [Abstract] (1.1 MB)


GTR-782 (2009) House log drying rates in southeast Alaska for covered and uncovered softwood logs, by David Nicholls and Allen Brackley [Abstract] (751 KB)


GTR-781 (2009) Sampling and estimation procedures for the vegetation diversity and structure indicator, by Bethany K. Schulz, William A. Bechtold, Stanley J. Zarnoch [Abstract] (1.91 MB)


GTR-779 (2009) Ecological Foundations for Fire Management in North American Forest and Shrubland Ecosystems, by J.E. Keeley, G.H. Aplet, N.L. Christensen, S.G. Conard, E.A. Johnson, P.N. Omi, D.L. Peterson, and T.W. Swetnam [Abstract] (2.1 MB)


GTR-778 (2009) Outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska: trends in activity participation, by Troy E. Hall, Heather Heaton, and Linda E. Kruger [Abstract] (2.36 MB)


GTR-776 (2009) Effects of timber harvest following wildfire in western North America, by David L. Peterson, James K. Agee, Gregory H. Aplet, Dennis P. Dykstra, Russell T. Graham, John F. Lehmkuhl, David S. Pilliod, Donald F. Potts, Robert F. Powers, John D. Stuart [Abstract] (813 KB)


GTR-775 (2009) Adoption of engineered wood products in Alaska, by Joseph A. Roos, Indroneil Ganguly, Allen Brackley [Abstract] (537 KB)


GTR-774 (2009) An evaluation of the grades and value of red alder lumber in southeast Alaska by Allen M. Brackley, David Nocholls, Michael Hannan [Abstract] ( KB)


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