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General Technical Reports: 2008


[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-780 (2008) SnagPRO: snag and tree sampling and analysis methods for wildlife, by Lisa J. Bate, Michael J. Wisdom, Edward O. Garton, Shawn C. Clabough [Abstract] (3.24 MB)


GTR-777 ( 2008) A management study template for learning about postwildfire management, by B.T. Bormann, J.A. Laurence, K. Shimamoto, J. Thrailkill, J. Lehmkuhl, G. Reeves, A. Markus, D.W. Peterson, E. Forsman [Abstract] (1.28 MB )


GTR-773 (2008) Powell Butte Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 38, by Reid Schuller, Ron Halvorson [Abstract] (1.0 MB)


GTR-771 (2008) Horse Ridge Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 37, by Reid Schuller, Ron Halvorson [Abstract] (2.32 MB)


GTR-770 (2008) Harvest, employment, exports, and prices in Pacific Northwest forests, 1965–2007, by Debra D. Warren [Abstract] (184 KB)


GTR-769 (2008) A field guide to predict delayed mortality of fire-damaged ponderosa pine: application and validation of the Malheur model, by Walter G. Thies, Douglas J. Westlind, Mark Loewen, Greg Brenner [Abstract] (1.17 MB)


GTR-768 08-113 (2008) A guide to LIDAR data acquisition and processing for the forests of the Pacific Northwest, by Demetrios Gatziolis, Hans-Erik Andersen [Abstract] (1.18 MB)


GTR-767 08-096 (2008) A key for predicting postfire successional trajectories in black spruce stands of interior Alaska, by Jill F. Johnstone, Teresa N. Hollingsworth, F. Stuart Chapin III. [Abstract] (4.26 MB)


GTR-766 08-104 (2008) Factors influencing line officers’ decisions about National Environmental Policy Act project design and development, by Donald G. MacGregor, David N. Seesholtz [Abstract] (403 KB)


GTR-765 (2008) Oregon’s forest resources, 2001–2005: five-year Forest Inventory and Analysis report, by Joseph Donnegan, Sally Campbell, Dave Azuma, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-764 (2008) Northwest Forest Plan–the first 10 years (1994–2003): socioeconomic monitoring of the Klamath National Forest and three local communities, by Susan Charnley, Candace Dillingham, Claudia Stuart, Cassandra Moseley, Ellen Donoghue [Abstract] (5.72 MB)


GTR-763 (2008) California’s forest resources, 2001–2005: five-year Forest Inventory and Analysis report, by Glenn A. Christensen, Sally J. Campbell, Jeremy S. Fried, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-762 (2008) The Island Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 35, by Reid Schuller, Ron Halvorson [Abstract] (500 KB)


GTR-761 (2008) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 10 years (1994–2003): Socioeconomic monitoring of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest and five local communities, by C. Dillingham, M.R. Poe, E. Grinspoon, C. Stuart, C. Moseley, R. Mazza, S. Charnley, L. Meierotto, E. Donoghue, N. Toth [Abstract]


GTR-760 08-076 (2008) Effects of forest practices on peak flows and consequent channel response: a state-of-science report for western Oregon and Washington, by Gordon E. Grant, Sarah L. Lewis, Frederick J. Swanson, John H. Cissel, Jeffrey J. McDonnell [Abstract] (1.97 MB)


GTR-759 (2008) Soils under fire: soils research and the Joint Fire Science Program, by Heather E. Erickson, Rachel White [Abstract] (1.04 MB)


GTR-757 (2008) Agency capacity for recreation science and management: the case of the U.S. Forest Service, by Lee K. Cerveny, Clare M. Ryan [Abstract] ( 1.51 MB)


GTR-758 (2008) A closer look at forests on the edge: future development on private forests in three states, by Eric M. White, Rhonda Mazza [Abstract] (3.82 MB)


GTR-755 (2008) Incorporating understanding of informal economic activity in natural resource and economic development policy, by Rebecca J. McLain, Susan J. Alexander, Eric T. Jones [Abstract] (1.16 MB)


GTR-754 (2008) Calibration and modification for the Pacific Northwest of the New Zealand Douglas-fir silvicultural growth model, by James W. Flewelling, David D. Marshall [Abstract] (348 KB)


GTR-753 (2008) A synthesis of biomass utilization for bioenergy production in the Western United States, by David L. Nicholls, Robert A Monserud, Dennis P. Dykstra [Abstract] (1.0 MB)


GTR-752 (2008) Assessment of timber availability from forest restoration within the Blue Mountains of Oregon, by Robert Rainville, Rachel White, Jamie Barbour, tech. eds. [Abstract] (2.38 MB)


GTR-751 (2008) Traditional and local ecological knowledge about forest biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest, by Susan Charnley, A. Paige Fischer, Eric T. Jones [Abstract] (919 KB)


GTR-750 08-048 (2008) Forest inventory-based estimation of carbon stocks and flux in California forests in 1990, by Jeremy S. Fried, Xiaoping Zhou. [Abstract] (1.75 MB)


GTR-749 (2008) True fir spacing trials—10-year results, by Robert O. Curtis. [Abstract] (1.34 MB)


GTR-748 07-253 (2008) User guide for HCR Estimator 2.0: software to calculate cost and revenue thresholds for harvesting small-diameter ponderosa pine, by Dennis R. Becker, Debra Larson, Eini C. Lowell, Robert B. Rummer [Abstract] (2.12 MB)


GTR-747 08-034 (2008) Emergent lessons from a century of experience with Pacific Northwest timber markets, by Richard W. Haynes [Abstract] (1.16 MB)


GTR-746 07-316 (2008) Log sampling methods and software for stand and landscape analyses, by Lisa J. Bate, Torolf R. Torgersen, Michael J. Wisdom, Edward O. Garton, Shawn C. Clabough [Abstract] (3.34 MB)


GTR-745 08-024 (2008) Evaluation of landscape alternatives for managing oak at Tenalquot Prairie, Washington, by Peter J. Gould, Constance A. Harrington [Abstract] (2.69 MB)


GTR-744 07-057 (2008) Understanding concepts of place in recreation research and management, by Linda. E. Kruger, Troy E. Hall, Maria C. Stiefel tech. eds. [Abstract] (4.35 MB)


GTR-743 (2008) A protocol using coho salmon to monitor Tongass National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan standards and guidelines for fish habitat, by M.D. Bryant, T. McDonald, R. Aho, B.E. Wright; M.B. Stahl [Abstract] (1.62 MB)


GTR-742 07-357 (2008) A review of the literature on seed fate in whitebark pine and the life history traits of Clark’s nutcracker and pine squirrels, by Teresa J. Lorenz, Carol Aubry, Robin Shoal. [Abstract] (1.64 MB)


GTR-741 (2008) Place-based planning: innovations and applications from four western forest, by Jennifer O. Farnum, Linda E. Kruger, eds. [Abstract] (2.82 MB)


GTR-740 07-535 (2008) National Visitor Use Monitoring implementation in Alaska, by Eric M. White, Joshua B. Wilson. [Abstract] ( 288 KB)


GTR-739 (2008) Birds of the major mainland rivers of southeast Alaska, by James A. Johnson, Brad A. Andres, John A. Bissonette [Abstract] (1.52 MB)


GTR-738 (2008) United States trade in wood products, 1978–2005, by Jean M. Daniels [Abstract]


GTR-737 (2008) Lichen bioindication of biodiversity, air quality, and climate: baseline results from monitoring in Washington, Oregon, and California, by Sarah. Jovan. [Abstract] (4.61 MB)


GTR-733 (2008) Integrated restoration of forested ecosystems to achieve multiresource benefits: proceedings of the 2007 national silviculture workshop, by R.L. Deal, tech. ed. [Abstract] [Excerpt]


GTR-729 07-159 (2008) Water and people: challenges at the interface of symbolic and utilitarian values, by Stephen, F. McCool, Roger N. Clark, George H. Stankey, eds. [Abstract] (909 KB)


GTR-720 (2008) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 10 years (1994–2003): first-decade results of the Northwest Forest Plan, by Valerie Rapp [Abstract]



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