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General Technical Reports: 2007


[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-736 07-356 (2007) Fire social science research–selected highlights, by Armando González-Cabán, Richard W. Haynes, Sarah McCaffrey, Evan Mercer, Alan Watson, tech. eds. [Abstract] (844 KB)


GTR-735 (2007) Taper equation and volume tables for plantation-grown red alder, by A.A. Bluhm, S.M. Garber, D.E. Hibbs [Abstract] (1.49 MB)


GTR-734 (2007) Sociocultural effects of tourism in Hoonah, Alaska, by L.K. Cerveny [Abstract] (1.50 MB)


GTR-732 (2007) Grass Mountain Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 32, by Reid Schuller, Ronald L. Exeter (1.19 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-731 (2007) Saddle Bag Mountain Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 34, by Reid Schuller, Ronald L. Exeter [Abstract] (1.17 MB)


GTR-730 (2007) Forest Peak Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 33, by Reid Schuller, Ronald L. Exeter [Abstract] (331 KB)


GTR-728 (2007) National forests on the edge: development pressures on America’s national forests and grasslands, by S.M. Stein, R.J. Alig, E.M. White, S.J. Comas, M. Carr, M. Eley, K. Elverum, M. O’Donnell, D.M. Theobald, K. Cordell, J. Haber, T.W. Beauvais [ Abstract]


GTR-727 (2007) Making fire and fire surrogate science available: a summary of regional workshops with clients, by Andrew Youngblood, Heidi Bigler-Cole, Christopher J. Fettig, [and others] [Abstract] (1.92 MB)


GTR-726 (2007) Proceedings: international conference on transfer of forest science knowledge and technology, by C. Miner, Cynthia, R. Jacobs, D. Dykstra, B. Bittner, Becky, eds. [Abstract] (3.36 MB)


GTR-725 (2007) Little Sink Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 31, by R. Schuller, R.L. Exeter [Abstract] (1.39 MB)


GTR-724 (2007) Rangeland exclosures of northeastern Oregon: stories they tell (1936–2004), by Charles Grier Johnson, Jr. [Abstract] (1.25 MB)


GTR-722 (2007) Ozone injury in west coast forests: 6 years of monitoring, by Sally J. Campbell, Ron Wanek, John W. Coulston [Abstract] (2.35 MB)


GTR-721 05-279 (2007) AIMing for healthy forests: active, intentional management for multiple values, by Andrew Carey [Abstract]


GTR-719 (2007) Stereo photo series for quantifying natural fuels Volume X: sagebrush with grass and ponderosa pine-juniper types in central Montana, by Roger D. Ottmar, Robert E.Vihnanek, Clinton S. Wright[Abstract] (13.28 MB)


GTR-718 (2007) A synthesis of the literature on the biology, ecology, and management of western hemlock dwarf mistletoe, by J.A Muir, P.E. Hennon [Abstract] (1.90 MB)


GTR-717 07-116 (2007) Projecting other public inventories for the 2005 RPA timber assessment update, by Xiaoping Zhou, John R. Mills, Richard W. Haynes [Abstract] (608 KB)


GTR-716 (2007) Regional population monitoring of the marbled murrelet: field and analytical methods, by M.G. Raphael, J. Baldwin, G.A. Falxa, M.H. Huff, M. Lance, S.L. Miller, S.F. Pearson, C.J. Ralph, C. Strong,
C. Thompson [Abstract] (1.61 MB)


GTR-715 (2007) Citizen-agency interactions in planning and decisionmaking after large wildfires, by C.S. Olsen, B.A. Shindler [Abstract] (774 KB)


GTR-714 (2007) Stereo photo series for quantifying natural fuels Volume IX: oak/juniper in southern Arizona and New Mexico, by Roger D. Ottmar, Robert E.Vihnanek, Clinton S. Wright, Geoffrey B. Seymour [Abstract] (9.62 MB)


GTR-713 (2007) Large-scale silviculture experiments of western Oregon and Washington, by Nathan J. Poage, Paul D. Anderson [Abstract] (1.46 MB)


GTR-712 (2007) Birds and burns of the interior West: descriptions, habitats, and management in western forests, by Victoria Saab, William Block, Robin Russell, John Lehmkuhl, Lisa Bate, Rachel White [Abstract] (1.51 MB)


GTR-711 (2007) Ponderosa promise: a history of U.S. Forest Service research
in central Oregon, by Les Joslin [Abstract] (2.70 MB)


GTR-710 07-007 (2007) Ecology and management of morels harvested from the forests of western North America, by D. Pilz, R. McLain, S. Alexander, L. Villarreal-Ruiz, S. Berch, T.L. Wurtz, C.G. Parks, E. McFarlane, B. Baker, R. Molina, J.E. Smith [Abstract]


GTR-709 06-048 (2007) Potential vegetation hierarchy for the Blue Mountains section of northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington, and westcentral Idaho, by David C. Powell, Charles G., Jr. Johnson, Elizabeth A. Crowe, Aaron Wells, David K. Swanson [Abstract] (408 KB)


GTR-708 (2007) The utility of strategic surveys for rare and little-known species under the Northwest Forest Plan, by D.H. Olson, K.J. Van Norman, R.D. Huffert [Abstract] (1.53 MB)


GTR-707 (2007) Invasive plant species and the Joint Fire Science Program, by H.E. Erickson, R. White [Abstract] (2.68 MB)


GTR-706 07-080 (2007) Bringing climate change into natural resource management. Proceedings of a Workshop June 28-30, 2005 Portland, Oregon, by L. Joyce, R. Haynes, R. White, and R. J. Barbour, tech. coords. [Abstract] (4.25 MB)


GTR-705 06-451 (2007) An assessment of frameworks useful for public land recreation planning, by S.F. McCool, R.N. Clark, G.H. Stankey [Abstract] (763 KB)


GTR-704 07-008 (2007) Variation in shrub and herb cover and production on ungrazed pine and sagebrush sites in eastern Oregon: a 27-year photomonitoring study, by F.C. Hall [Abstract]


GTR-703 06-516 (2007) National forest economic clusters: a new model for assessing national-forest-based natural resources products and services, by Thomas D. Rojas [Abstract]


GTR-702 (2007) Market opportunities for kitchen cabinets made from Alaska hardwoods: a synthesis and review of recent research, by D.L. Nicholls, M.C. Stiefel [Abstract] (715 KB)


GTR-701 (2007) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 10 years (1994–2003): socioeconomic monitoring of the Mount Hood National Forest and three local communities, by William M. Kay, Ellen M. Donoghue, Susan Charnley, Cassandra Moseley [Abstract] (1.33 MB)


GTR-700 06-512 (2007) Defining an economics research program to describe and evaluate ecosystem services, by Jeffrey D. Kline [Abstract]


GTR-699 (2007) The 2005 RPA timber assessment update, by R.W. Haynes, D.M. Adams, R.J. Alig, P.J. Ince, J.R. Mills, X. Zhou [Abstract]


GTR-698 (2007) Proceedings: national workshop on recreation
research and management, by Linda E. Kruger, Rhonda Mazza, Kelly Lawrence, eds. [Abstract] (2.95 MB)


GTR-696 06-251 (2007) Silvicultural research and the evolution of forest practices in the Douglas-fir region, by Robert O. Curtis, Dean S. DeBell, Richard E. Miller, Michael Newton, J. Bradley St. Clair, William I. Stein [Abstract]


GTR-695 07-142 (2007) Managing for wildlife habitat in Westside production forests, by T.B. Harrington, G.E. Nicholas tech. eds. (2.42 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-694 (2007) Meeting the challenge: invasive plants in Pacific Northwest ecosystems, by Timothy B. Harrington, Sarah H. Reichard, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-693 (2007) Considering communities in forest management planning in western Oregon, by E.M. Donoghue, N.L. Sutton, R.W. Haynes [Abstract]


GTR-692 (2007) Riparian and aquatic habitats of the Pacific Northwest and southeast Alaska: ecology, management history, and potential management strategies, by Fred H. Everest, and Gordon H. Reeves [Abstract] (818 KB)


GTR-691 06-293 (2007) The Fall River Long-Term Site Productivity study in coastal Washington: site characteristics, methods, and biomass and carbon and nitrogen stores before and after harvest, by Adrian Ares, Thomas A. Terry, Kathryn B. Piatek [Abstract] (2.45 MB)


GTR- 690 06-278 (2007) A consumer guide: tools to manage vegetation and fuels, by David L. Peterson, Louisa Evers, Rebecca A. Gravenmier, Ellen Eberhardt [Abstract] (1.31 MB)


GTR-689 (2007) Advancing the Fundamental Sciences: Proceedings of the Forest Service National Earth Sciences Conference, San Diego, CA, 18-22 October 2004, by M Furniss, C Clifton, and K Ronnenberg, eds. [Abstract]


GTR-687 (2007) Necessary work: discovering old forests, new outlooks, and
community on the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, 1948-2000, by Max G. Geier [Abstract]


GTR-686 (2007) Guide to fuel treatments in dry forests of the Western United States: assessing forest structure and fire hazard, by M.C. Johnson, D.L. Peterson, C.L. Raymond [Abstract]




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[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Handbook to Additional Fungal Species of Special Concern in the Northwest Forest Plan.

Handbook to additional fungal species of special concern in the Northwest Forest Plan

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