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General Technical Reports: 2005

[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Ecology and Management of Commercially Harvested Chanterelle Mushrooms.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-662 05-424 (2005) Financial analysis of fuel treatments, by R.D. Fight, R.J. Barbour [Abstract] (4.15 MB)


GTR-660 05-283 (2005) Sense of place in natural resource recreation and tourism: an evaluation and assessment of research findings, by Jennifer Farnum, Troy Hall, Linda E. Kruger [Abstract] (1.01 MB)


GTR-658 05-241(2005) Updated outdoor recreation use values on national forests and other public lands, by John Loomis [Abstract] (484KB)


GTR-656 05-261 (2005) System analysis in forest resources: proceedings of the 2003 symposium, by M. Bevers, T.M. Barrett, tech. comps. [Abstract]


GTR-655 05-208 (2005) Nontimber forest products management on national forests in the United States, by R.J. McLain, E.T. Jones [Abstract] (1.80 MB)


GTR-654 05-207 (2005) Adaptive management of natural resources: theory, concepts, and management institutions, by George H. Stankey, Roger N. Clark, Bernard T. Bormann [Abstract] (2.06 MB)


GTR-653 05-196 (2005) Social conditions and trends in southeast Alaska, by Rhonda Mazza, Linda E. Kruger [Abstract] (2.16 MB)


GTR-652 (2005) South-central Alaska forests: inventory highlights, by S. Campbell, W.S. van Hees, B. Mead [Abstract]


GTR-648 05-171(2005) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 10 years (1994–2003): status and trends of northern spotted owl populations and habitat, by Lint, Joseph, tech. coord. [Abstract]


GTR-647 05-170 (2005) Northwest Forest Plan—the first 10 years (1994–2003): preliminary assessment of the condition of watersheds, by K. Gallo, S.H. Lanigan, P. Eldred, S.N. Gordon, C. Moyer [Abstract]


GTR-646 05-169 (2005) Northwest Forest Plan–The first 10 years (1994-2003): status and trend of late-successional and old-growth forest, by M. Moeur, T.A. Spies, M. Hemstrom, J.R. Martin, J. Alegria, J. Browning, J. Cissel, W.B. Cohen, T.E. Demeo, S. Healey, R. Warbington [Abstract]


GTR-645 04-403 (2005) Conceptualizing and measuring demand for recreation on national forests: a review and synthesis, B.E. Garber-Yonts [Abstract] (212 Kb)


GTR-644 05-210 (2005) Users guide for noble fir bough cruiser, by Roger D. Fight; Keith A. Blatner; Roger C. Chapman; William E. Schlosser [Abstract] (103 KB)


GTR-643 (2005) 05-163 Commercial morel harvesters and buyers in western Montana: an exploratory study of the 2001 harvesting season, by Rebecca J. McLain, Erika Mark McFarlane, Susan J. Alexander [Abstract] (1.18 MB)


GTR-642 05-191 (2005) Productivity of Western forests: a forest products focus, by Constance A. Harrington, Stephen H. Schoenholtz, Stephen H., eds [Abstract]


GTR-641 05-129 (2005) Bunchgrass plant communities of the Blue and Ochoco Mountains: a guide for managers, by C.G. Johnson, Jr., D.K. Swanson [Abstract]


GTR-640 05-159 (2005) Ecology of the Columbia spotted frog in northeastern Oregon, by Evelyn L. Bull [Abstract] (1.84 MB)


GTR-639 05-139 (2005) Emigrant Creek cattle allotment: lessons from 30 years of photomonitoring, by F.C. Hall [Abstract] (4.49 MB)


GTR-638 05-098 (2005) Harry E. Burke and John M. Miller, pioneers in Western forest entomology, by Boyd E. Wickman [Abstract]


GTR-637 04-067 (2005) Software for calculating vegetation disturbance and recovery by using the equivalent clearcut area model, by A.A. Ager; C. Clifton (533 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-636 (2005) Forests on the edge: housing development on America’s private forests, by S.M. Stein, R.E. McRoberts, R.J. Alig, M.D. Nelson, D.M. Theobald, M. Eley, M. Dechter, M. Carr (2.62 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-635 05-222 (2005) Balancing ecosystem values: innovative experiments for sustainable forestry: Proceedings of a conference, by C.E. Peterson, D.A. Maguire, eds. [Abstract]


GTR-634 05-043 (2005) Permanent-plot procedures for silvicultural and yield research, by R.O. Curtis, D.D. Marshall (1.65 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-633 05-067 (2005) Projections of timber harvest in western Oregon and Washington by county, owner, forest type, and age class, by X. Zhou, R.W. Haynes, J.R. Barbour (1.76 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-632 05-022 (2005) Line officers’ views on stated USDA Forest Service values and the agency reward system, by J.J. Kennedy, R.W. Haynes, X. Zhou (932 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-631 05-060 (2005) Proceedings: Linking Healthy Forests and Communities—Successful Strategies and Future Directions, by D.L. Nicholls (650 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-630 05-024 (2005) Integrated research to improve fire management decisionmaking, by D.G. MacGregor, R.W. Haynes (578 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-629 04-050 (2005) Innovation in the forest products industry: an analysis of companies in Alaska and Oregon, by A. Hovgaard, E. Hansen, J. Roos (281 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-628 04-366 (2005) Forest structure and fire hazard in dry forests of the Western United States, by D.L. Peterson, M.C. Johnson, J.K. Agee, T.B. Jain, D. McKenzie, E.D. Reinhardt. (1.80 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-626 04-138 (2005) Understanding key issues of sustainable wood production in the Pacific Northwest, by R.L. Deal, S.M. White, eds. (2.34 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-625 04-245 (2005) A review of protocols for monitoring streams and juvenile fish in forested regions of the Pacific Northwest, by S.A. Stolnack, M.D. Bryant, R.C. Wissmar (277 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-624 04-330 (2005) The rise and fall of the Pacific Northwest log export market, by J.M. Daniels (437 Kb) [Abstract]





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