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General Technical Reports: 2004

[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Ecology and Management of Commercially Harvested Chanterelle Mushrooms.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-627 (2005) 04-492 Developing an agenda to guide forest social science, economics, and utilization research, by R.W. Haynes (393 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-623 04-329 (2004) Economic assessment of using a mobile Micromill® for processing small-diameter ponderosa pine, by D.R. Becker, E.E. Hjerpe, E.C. Lowell (285 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-622 04-077 (2004) A strategic assessment of crown fire hazard in Montana: potential effectiveness and costs of hazard reduction treatments, by C.E. Fiedler, C.E. Keegan III, C.W. Woodall, T.A. Morgan (1.13 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-621 04-268 (2004) Assessing the volume of wood products used to build and maintain recreational structures on the Tongass National Forest: potential opportunities for Alaska wood products substitution, by R.A. Cantrell (1.16 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-620 04-290 (2004) An assessment of growth and development paths for southeast Alaska, by P. Tsournos, R.W. Haynes (765 KB) [Abstract]


GTR-619 04-238 (2004) CalPro: a spreadsheet program for the management of California mixed-conifer stands, by J. Liang, J. Buongiorno, R.A. Monserud (1.74 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-618 04-123 (2004) Ecophysiological parameters for Pacific Northwest trees, by A.E. Hessl, C. Milesi, M.A. White, D. L. Peterson, R.E. Keane (473 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-617 04-093 (2004) The economics of amenities and migration in the Pacific Northwest: review of selected literature with implications for national forest management, by B.E. Garber-Yonts (962 KB) [Abstract]


GTR-616 04-136 (2004) Contemporary wood utilization research needs in the Western United States, by R.A. Monserud, E.C. Lowell, D.R. Becker, S.S. Hummel, E.M. Donoghue, R.J. Barbour, K.A. Kilborn, D.L. Nicholls, J. Roos, R.A. Cantrell (873 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-615 04-004 (2004) California’s forest products industry: a descriptive analysis, by T.A. Morgan, C.E. Keegan III, T. Dillon, A.L. Chase, J.S. Fried, M.N. Weber (1.51 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-614 04-140 (2004) Climate change, carbon, and forestry in northwestern North America: Proceedings of a workshop November 14-15, 2001 Orcas Island, Washington, by J.L. Innes, D.L. Peterson, and K. O'Brian, eds. (1.28 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-613 04-076 (2004) Area changes for forest cover types in the United States, 1952 to 1997, with projections to 2050, by R.J. Alig, and B.J. Butler (3.82 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-612 03-200 (2004) Preliminary research findings from a study of the sociocultural effects of tourism in Haines, Alaska, by L.K. Cerveny (2.51 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-611 04-057 (2004) Economic growth and change in southeast Alaska, by R. Mazza, tech. ed. (615 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-610 03-387 (2004) Methods for integrated modeling of landscape change: Interior Northwest Landscape Analysis System, by J.L. Hayes, A.A. Ager, R.J. Barbour, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-609 04-051 (2004) Southeast Alaska forests: inventory highlights, by S. Campbell, W.S. van Hees, B. Mead (3.14 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-608 03-425 (2004) Alternatives to preplant soil fumigation for Western forest nurseries, by D.M. Hildebrand, J.K. Stone, R.L. James, S.J. Frankel (707 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-607 04-009 (2004) Assessing socioeconomic resiliency in Washington counties, by J.M. Daniels (1.13 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-606 03-264 (2004) Thinning and prescribed fire and projected trends in wood product potential, financial return, and fire hazard in Montana, by R.J. Barbour, R.D. Fight, G.A. Christensen, G.L. Pinjuv, and R.V. Nagubadi (1.27 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-605 04-005 (2004) Thinning and prescribed fire and projected trends in wood product potential, financial return, and fire hazard in New Mexico, by R. D. Fight, J.R. Barbour, G.A. Christensen, G.L. Pinjuv, R.V. Nagubadi (708 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-604 04-086 (2004) Sustainable production of wood and non-wood forest products: Proceedings of IUFRO Division 5 Research Groups 5.11 and 5.12, Rotorua, New Zealand, March 11–15, 2003, by E.M. Donoghue, G.L. Benson, J.L. Chamberlain, tech. coords. (2.02 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-603 04-023 (2004) Guide to the common Potentilla species of the Blue Mountains ecoregion, M. Aitken, C.G. Parks (2.11 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-602 03-317 (2004) Effects of alternatives to clearcutting on invertebrate and organic detritus transport from headwaters in southeastern Alaska, by J. Musslewhite, M.S. Wipfli (1.68 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-601 04-094 (2004) The geomorphic response of rivers to dams: an electronic short course, by M.J. Furniss, J. Guntle, eds.


GTR-599 03-458 (2004) Bridging the worlds of fire managers and researchers: lessons and opportunities from the Wildland Fire Workshops, by S.M. White (1.14 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-598 03-213 (2004) Silvicultural options for young-growth Douglas-fir forests: the Capitol Forest study—establishment and first results, by R.O. Curtis, D.D. Marshall, D.S. DeBell, eds. (990 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-596 03-313 (2004) Proceedings: views from the ridge—considerations for planning at the landscape scale, by H. Gucinski, C. Miner, B. Bittner, eds. (1.04 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-595 02-161 (2004) A review of scientific information on issues related to the use and management of water resources in the Pacific Northwest, by F.H. Everest, D.J. Stouder, C. Kakoyannis, L. Houston, G. Stankey, J. Kline, R. Alig (1.40 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-594 02-213 (2004) Social acceptability of alternatives to clearcutting: discussion and literature review with emphasis on southeast Alaska, by D.L. Clausen, R.F. Schroeder, comps. (688 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-593 01-210 (2004) Classification and management of aquatic, riparian, and wetland sites on the national forests of eastern Washington: series descripton, by B.L. Kovalchik, R.R. Clausnitzer [Abstract]


GTR-577 02-175 (2004) Effectiveness monitoring for the aquatic and riparian component of the Northwest Forest Plan: conceptual framework and options, by G.H. Reeves, D.B. Hohler, D.P. Larsen, D.E. Busch, K. Kratz, K. Reynolds, K.F. Stein, T. Atzet, P. Hays, M. Tehan (564 Kb) [Abstract]


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