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General Technical Reports: 1999

[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-483  99-257 (1999) Revised estimates for direct-effect recreational jobs in the interior Columbia River basin,  by L. Crone and R.W. Haynes [Abstract]


GTR-476 99-038 (1999) Handbook to strategy 1 fungal species in the Northwest Forest Plan, by M. Castellano, J.E. Smith, T. O'Dell, E. Cazares, and S. Nugent. Available in electronic format only


GTR-475 98-118 (1999) Western juniper drying project summaries, 1993-96, by S. Leavengood and L. Swann [Abstract]


GTR-474 99-053 (1999) Trends in key economic and social indicators for Pacific Northwest States and counties, by T.L. Raettig  [Abstract]


GTR-473 98-092 (1999) Opportunities for conservation-based development of nontimber forest products in the Pacific Northwest,  by B. von Hagen and R.D. Fight  [Abstract]


GTR-471 98-338 (1999) NetWeaver for EMDS user guide (version 1.1): a knowledge base development system,  by K.M. Reynolds [Abstract]


GTR-470 98-337 (1999) EMDS users guide (version 2.0): knowledge-based decision support for ecological assessment, by K.M. Reynolds  [Abstract]


GTR-469 96-132  (1999) Classification of community types, successional sequences, and landscapes of the Copper River Delta, Alaska, by K. Boggs. Because the electronic version is so large, we have had to split it into 2 parts: GTR-469a (Cover to page 120  1.7 MB) and GTR-469b (Page 120 to end  1.4 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-468 97-176 (1999) Biological characteristics and population status of anadromous salmon in southeast Alaska, by K.C. Halupka, M.D. Bryant, M.F. Willson, and F.H. Everest  [Abstract]


GTR-467 98-376 (1999) Harvesting costs of management planning for ponderosa pine plantations, by R.D. Fight, A. Gicqueau, and B.R. Hartsough [Abstract]


GTR-466 99-093 (1999) Proceedings of a workshop on bark beetle genetics: current status of research, by J.L. Hayes and K.L. Raffa  [Abstract]


GTR-465  98-386 (1999) Timber harvesting, processing, and employment in the Northwest Economic Adjustment Initiative region: changes and economic assistance, by T.L. Raettig and H.H. Christensen [Abstract]


GTR-464 98-365 (1999) Western juniper in eastern Oregon, by D.R. Gedney, D.L. Azuma, C.L. Bolsinger, and N. McKay. 5 maps are included as inserts in the hardcopy publication: Map 1 (59k), Map 2 (64k) , Map 3 (54k), Map 4 , Map 5 (63k) [Abstract]


GTR-463 98-364 (1999) The effects of thinning and similar stand treatments on fire behavior in western forests, by R.T. Graham, A.E. Harvey, T.B. Jain, and J.R. Tonn [Abstract]


GTR-462 97-230 (1999) Place assessment: how people define ecosystems, by S. Galliano and G.M. Loeffler  [Abstract]


GTR-461 99-065 (1999) Proceedings: Pacific Northwest forest and rangeland soil organism symposium, by R.T. Meurisse, W.G. Ypsilantis, and C. Seybold, tech. eds.


GTR-460" onClick="javascript:ga('send', 'pageview', '/downloads/pnw_gtr460');">GTR-460 98-369 (1999) Use of risk assessment panels during revision of the Tongass land and resource management plan, by C.G. Shaw, III (Appendix 1)  [Abstract]


GTR-459 97-170 (1999) Influence of stream characteristics and grazing intensity on stream temperatures in eastern Oregon, by S.B. Maloney, A.R. Tiedemann, D.A. Higgins, T.M. Quigley, and D.B. Marx [Abstract]


GTR-458 98-033 (1999) Historical and current forest and range landscapes in the interior Columbia River basin and portions of the Klamath and Great Basins. Part I: Linking vegetation patterns and landscape vulnerability to potential insect and pathogen disturbances, by P.J. Hessburg, B.G. Smith, S.D. Kreiter, C.A. Miller, R.B. Salter, C.H. McNicholl, and W.J. Hann  [Abstract]


GTR-457 97-320 (1999) The forest ecosystem study: background, rationale, implementation, baseline conditions, and silvicultural assessment, by A.B. Carey, D.R. Thysell, and A.W. Brodie [Abstract]


GTR-456 98-030 (1999) Sampling and estimating recreational use,  by T.G. Gregoire and G.B. Buhyoff [Abstract]


GTR-455 98-044 (1999) Assessing the effects of fire disturbance on ecosystems: a scientific agenda for research and management,  by D.L. Schmoldt, D.L. Peterson, R.E. Keane, J.M. Lenihan, D. McKenzie, D.R. Weise, and D.V. Sandberg  [Abstract]


GTR-454   97-163 (1999) Modeling change in potential landscape vulnerability to forest insect and pathogen disturbances: methods for forested subwatersheds sampled in the midscale interior Columbia River basin assessment,  by P.F. Hessburg, B.G. SMith, C.A. Miller, S.D. Kreiter, and R. B. Salter [Abstract]


GTR-453 97-236 (1999) Developing measures of socioeconomic resiliency in the interior Columbia River basin, by A.L. Horne and R.W. Haynes [Abstract]


GTR-452 98-042 (1999) Monitoring and evaluating a framework developed for adaptive management, by B.Shindler, K.A. Cheek, and G.H. Stankey [Abstract]


GTR-450 98-162 (1999) National strategic plan: modeling and data systems for wildland and air quality, by D.V. Sandberg, C.C. Hardy, R.D. Ottmar, J.A.K. Snell, A.L. Acheson, J.L. Peterson, P. Seamon, P. Lahm, and D. Wade [Abstract]


GTR-449 98-189 (1999) Watershed restoration, jobs-in-the-woods, and community assistance: Redwood National Park and the Northwest Forest Plan, by C.E. De Forest  [Abstract]


GTR-448 96-239 (1999) Guide to monitoring smoke exposure of wildland firefighters,  by T.E. Reinhardt, R.D. Ottmar, and M.J. Hallett [Abstract]


GTR-447 97-183 (1999) An assessment of the effects of human-caused air pollution on resources within the interior Columbia River basin, by A.W. Schoettle, K. Tonnessen, J. Turk, J. Vimont, and R. Amundson [Abstract]


GTR-446 98-200 (1999) A guide to ozone injury in vascular plants of the Pacific Northwest, by S. Brace, D.L. Peterson, and D. Bowers (2.3MB) [Abstract]


GTR-445 98-087 (1999) Climatology of the interior Columbia River basin, by S.A. Ferguson  [Abstract]


GTR-444 98-027 (1999) Maturation and reproduction of northern flying squirrels in Pacific Northwest forests,  by L.J. Villa, A.B. Carey, K.M. Wilson, and K.E. Glos  [Abstract]


GTR-443 97-332 (1999) Monitoring biodiversity: quantification and interpretation, by W.L. Gaines, R.J. Harrod, and J.F. Lehmkuhl  [Abstract]


GTR-442 97-344 (1999) National projections of forest and rangeland condition indicators, by J. Hof, C. Flather, T. Baltic, and S. Davies  [Abstract]


GTR-440 97-336 (1999) Northern spotted owl effectiveness monitoring for the Northwest Forest Plan, by J. Lint, B. Noon, R. Anthony, E. Forsman, M. Raphael, M. Collopy, and E. Starkey [Abstract]


GTR-439 97-338 (1999) Marbled murrelet effectiveness monitoring plan for the Northwest Forest Plan, by S. Madsen, D. Evans, T. Hamer, P. Henson, S. Miller, S.K. Nelson, D. Roby, and M. Stapanian [Abstract]


GTR-437 97-335 (1999) The strategy and design of the effectiveness monitoring program for the Northwest Forest Plan,  by B.S. Mulder, B.R. Noon, T.A. Spies, M.G. Raphael, C.J. Palmer, A.R. Olsen, G.H. Reeves, and H.H. Welsh, tech. coords. [Abstract]


GTR-425 97-319 (1999) Estimating snag and large tree densities and distributions on a landscape for wildlife management, by L.J. Bate, E.O. Garten, and M.J. Wisdom   [Abstract]


GTR-410 96-254 (1999) Macroecology, paleoecology, and ecological integrity of terrestrial species and communities of the interior Columbia basin and northern portions of the Klamath and Great Basins, by B.G. Marcot, L.K. Croft, J.F. Lehmkuhl, R.H. Naney, C.G. Niwa, W.R. Owen, and R.E. Sandquist [Abstract]


GTR-407 96-192 (1999) Biological characteristics and population states of steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in southeast Alaska, by S.C. Lohr and M.D. Bryant  [Abstract]


GTR-403 97-019 Revised July 1999 Assessing economic tradeoffs in forest management, by E. Niemi and E. Whitelaw The revised edition is now available in hard copy format. [Abstract]


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[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Handbook to Additional Fungal Species of Special Concern in the Northwest Forest Plan.
Handbook to additional fungal species of special concern in the Northwest Forest Plan

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