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General Technical Reports: 1997

[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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GTR-423 97-142 (1997) Stumpage prices, volume sold, and volume harvested from the national forests of the Pacific Northwest Region, 1984 to 1996, by R.W. Haynes  [Abstract]


GTR-419 97-339 (1997) National proceedings: forest and conservation associations, by T.D. Landis and J.R. Thompson, tech. coords.


GTR-416 97-195 (1997) Forest sustainability: an approach to definition and assessment at the landscape level, by M.P. Amaranthus  [Abstract]


GTR-415 97-077 (1997) Evaluation of the use of scientific information in developing the 1997 forest plan for the Tongass NF, by F.H. Everest, D.N. Swanston, C.G. Shaw, III, W.P. Smith, K.R. Julin, and S.D. Allen  [Abstract]


GTR-414 97-185 (1997) Cognitive styles of forest service scientists and managers in the Pacific Northwest, by A.B. Carey (507 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-413 97-071 (1997) Annotated bibliography of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, by P.E. Hennon and A.S. Harris, comps.


GTR-412 97-024 (1997) Ecology and management of the commercially harvested American matsutake mushroom, by D. Hosford, D. Pilz, R. Molina, and M. Amaranthus


GTR-409 97-160 (1997) Timber products output and timber harvests in Alaska: projections for 1997-2010, by D.J. Brooks and R.W. Haynes [Abstract]


GTR-408 97-068 (1997) Of spotted owls, old growth, and new policies: a history since the interagency scientific committee report, by B.G. Marcot and J.W. Thomas  [Abstract]


GTR-406 97-139 (1997) Evaluation of EIS alternatives by the Science Integration Team--Volumes 1 and 2, by T.M. Quigley, K.M. Lee, and S.J. Arbelbide, tech. eds.


GTR-405 97-138 (1997) An assessment of ecosystem components in the interior Columbia basin and portions of the Klamath and Great Basins, by T.M. Quigley and S.J. Arbelbide, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-404 97-137 (1997) Highlighted scientific findings of the Interior Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Project, by T.M. Quigley and Heidi Bigler Cole [Abstract]


GTR-401 96-238 (1997) SBEXPERT user's guide (Version 2.0): a knowledge-based decision-support system for spruce beetle management, by K.M. Reynolds and E.H. Holsten


GTR-400 96-213 (1997) County portraits of Washington state, by W.J. McGinnis, R.H. Phillips, T.L. Raettig, and K.P. Connaughton


GTR-399 96-197 (1997) Large-scale conservation assessment for Neotropical migratory land birds in the interior Columbia River basin, by V.A. Saab and T.D. Rich


GTR-398 96-211 (1997) The economic impact of public resource supply constraints in northeast Oregon, by E.C. Waters, D.W. Holland, and R.W. Haynes


GTR-397 96-208 (1997) UTOOLS: Microcomputer software for spatial analysis and landscape visualization, by A.A. Ager and R.J. McGaughey  [Abstract]


GTR-396 96-210 (1997) The Starkey Project: history, facilities, and data collection methods for ungulate research, by M.M. Rowland, L.D. Bryant, B.K. Johnson, J.H. Noyes, M.J. Wisdom, and J.W. Thomas


GTR-395 96-099 (1997) Hierarchical subdivisions of the Columbia Plateau and Blue Mountains ecoregions, Oregon and Washington, by S.E. Clarke and S.A. Bryce, eds.


GTR-394 96-195 (1997) Adaptive management areas: achieving the promise, avoiding the peril, by G.H. Stankey and B. Shindler


GTR-393 96-212 (1997) Wild edible mushrooms in the Blue Mountains: resource and issues, by C.G. Parks and C. Schmidt [Abstract] (514 Kb)


GTR-392 96-249 (1997) Assessments of wildlife viability in old-growth, timber volume estimates, forested wetlands, and slope stability, by K.R. Julin, comp. [Abstract]


GTR-391" onClick="javascript:ga('send', 'pageview', '/downloads/pnw_gtr391');">GTR-391 97-014 (1997) Trees and logs important to wildlife in the interior Columbia River basin, by E.L. Bull, C.G. Parks, and T.R. Torgersen [Abstract]


GTR-390 96-235 (1997) Field guide for the identification of snags and logs in the interior Columbia River basin, by C.G. Parks, E.L. Bull, and T.R. Torgersen


GTR-380 96-072 (1997) Special forest products: an eastside perspective, by W.E. Schlosser and K. Blatner


GTR-373 95-198 (1997) Smoke exposure among wildland firefighters: a review and discussion of current literature, by T.E. Reinhardt and R.D. Ottmar




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[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Handbook to Additional Fungal Species of Special Concern in the Northwest Forest Plan.
Handbook to additional fungal species of special concern in the Northwest Forest Plan

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