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General Technical Reports: Prior to 1997

[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Economics Research Supporting Water Resource Stewardship in the Pacific Northwest.A "General Technical Report" (GTR) provides technical or scientific information often for a technical audience such as land managers, natural resource professionals, extension specialists, etc. It may contain scientific data, descriptions, or syntheses; descriptions of tools and products (e.g., computer programs, simulators, and models), annotated bibliographies; proceedings of a scientific meeting, etc. It may be, but is not limited to being, an original report; for instance, the GTR may expound on information that has been published in scientific journals, providing detailed data, figures, and information or provide an original synthesis of already published scientific information.

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[Image]: Cover of publication entitled Handbook to Additional Fungal Species of Special Concern in the Northwest Forest Plan.
Handbook to additional fungal species of special concern in the Northwest Forest Plan

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GTR-389 96-204 (1996) National proceedings: forest and conservation nursery associations, by T.D. Landis and D.B. South, tech. coords.   


GTR-388 96-233 (1996) A conservation assessment for the marbled murrelet in southeast Alaska, by A.R. DeGrange  [Abstract]


GTR-387 96-222 (1996) Conservation assessment for the northern goshawk in southeast Alaska, by G.C. Iverson, G.D. Hayward, K. Titus, E. DeGayner, R.E. Lowell, D.C. Crocker-Bedford, P.F. Schempf, and J. Lindell [Abstract]


GTR-386 96-232 (1996) Scientific information and the Tongass Land Management Plan: key findings from the scientific literature species assessments, by D.N. Swanston, C.G. Shaw, III, W.P. Smith, K.R. Julin, G.A. Cellier, and F.H. Everest [Abstract]


GTR-385 96-243 (1996) Status of the interior Columbia River basin: summary of scientific findings


GTR-384 96-219 (1996) The Alexander Archipelago wolf: a conservation assessment, by D.K. Person, M. Kirchhoff, V. Van Ballenberghe, G.C. Iverson, and E. Grossman  [Abstract]


GTR-383 96-217 (1996) Karst landscapes and associated resources: a resource assessment, by J.F. Baichtal and D.N. Swanston


GTR-382 96-188 (1996) Integrated scientific assessment for ecosystem management in the interior Columbia River basin and portions of the Klamath and Great Basins, by T.M. Quigley, R.W. Haynes, and R.T. Graham, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-381 96-191 (1996) Disturbance and forest health in Oregon and Washington, by S.Campbell and L. Liegel, tech. coords.


GTR-379 96-050 (1996) User assessment of smoke-dispersion models for wildland biomass burning, by S. Breyfogle and S.A. Ferguson  [Abstract] (1.07 MB)


GTR-378 96-106 (1996) Stump sprouting of Pacific yew, by D. Minore and H.G. Weatherly  [Abstract]


GTR-377 96-044 (1996) County portraits of Oregon and northern California, by W.J. McGinnis, R.H. Phillips, and K.P. Connaughton


GTR-376 96-002 (1996) Lumber recovery and deterioration of beetle-killed Douglas-fir and grand fir in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon, by D.L. Parry, G.M. Filip, S.A. Willits, and C.G. Parks [Abstract]


GTR-375 96-064 (1996) Conservation and development of nontimber forest products in the Pacific Northwest: an annotated bibliography, by B. von Hagen, J.F. Weigand, R. McLain, R. Fight, and H.H. Christensen, comps.  [Abstract]


GTR-374 96-104 (1996) A framework for ecosystem management in the interior Columbia basin and portions of the Klamath and Great basins, by R.W. Haynes, R.T. Graham, and T.M. Quigley, tech. eds. [Abstract] (1.5 MB)


GTR-372 95-136 (1996) Estimating live fuels for shrubs and herbs with BIOPAK, by J.E. Means, O.N. Krankina, H. Jiang, and H. Li  [Abstract]


GTR-371 95-184 (1996) Managing forest ecosystems to conserve fungus diversity and sustain wild mushroom harvests, by D. Pilz and R. Molina, eds. [Abstract] (1.08 MB)


GTR-369 96-025 (1996) Defining social acceptability in ecosystem management: a workshop proceedings; 1992 June 23-25; Kelso, WA, by M.W. Brunson, L.E. Kruger, C.B. Tyler, and S.A. Schroeder, tech. eds. (1.02 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-368 94-205 (1996) The 1993 timber assessment market model: structure projections and policy simulations, by D.M. Adams and R.W. Haynes


GTR-367 95-117 (1996) Effects of insecticide treatment on subsequent defoliation by western spruce budworm in Oregon and Washington: 1982 - 92, by K.A. Sheehan (2.53 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-366 95-118 (1996) Stability and change in forest-based communities: a selected bibliography, by C.W. Richardson, comp.


GTR-365 95-206 (1995) National proceedings: forest and conservation nursery associations 1995, by T.D. Landis and B. Cregg, tech. coords.


GTR-364 95-075 (1996) Guidelines for estimating volume biomass and smoke production for piled slash, by C.C. Hardy


GTR-363 95-182 (1995) Definitions and codes for seral status and structure of vegetation, by F.C. Hall, L. Bryant, R. Clausnitzer, K. Geier-Hayes, R. Keane, J. Kertis, A. Shlisky, and R. Steel (2.72 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-362 95-181 (1995) Herbaceous stubble height as a warning of impending cattle grazing damage to riparian areas, by F.C. Hall and L. Bryant  [Abstract]


GTR-361 94-204 (1996) Role of nonmarket economic values in benefit-cost analysis of public forest management, by C.S. Swanson and J.B. Loomis (593 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-360 95-186 (1995) Forested plant associations of the Colville National Forest, by C.K. Williams, B.F. Kelley, B.G. Smith, and T.R. Lillybridge


GTR-359 (1995) Field guide for forested plant associations of the Wenatchee National Forest, by T.R. Lillybridge, B.L. Kovalchik, C.K. Williams, B.G. Smith (3.4 MB)  [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-358 95-015 (1996) The interior Columbia River basin: patterns of population, employment, and income change, by W.J. McGinnis and H.H. Christensen


GTR-357 95-088 (1995) A hypermedia reference system to the forest ecosystem management assessment team report and some related publications, by K.M. Reynolds, H.M. Rauscher, and C.V. Worth


GTR-356 94-042 (1995) Management needs assessment for the Copper River Delta, Alaska, by L.E. Kruger and K.B. Tyler


GTR-355 95-020 (1995) Historical and current forest landscapes in eastern Oregon and Washington. Part II: Linking vegetation characteristics to potential fire behavior and related smoke production, by M.H. Huff, R.D. Ottmar, E. Alvarado, R.E. Vihnanek, J.F. Lehmkuhl, P.F. Hessburg, and R.L. Everett [Abstract]


GTR-354 95-082 (1995) Institutional barriers and incentives for ecosystem management: a problem analysis, by H.J. Cortner, M.A. Shannon, M.G. Wallace, S. Burke, and M.A. Moote


GTR-353 95-056 (1995) Treatment of old-growth stands and its effects on birds, ants, and large woody debris: a case study, by E.L. Bull, T.R. Torgersen, A.K. Blumton, C.M. McKenzie, and D.S. Wyland (1.13 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-352 94-206 (1995) The contribution of federal and nonfederal habitat to persistence of the northern spotted owl on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington: report of the Reanalysis Team, by R.S. Holthausen, M.G. Raphael, K.S. McKelvey, E.D. Forsman, E.E. Starkey, and D.E. Seaman (1.94 MB)


GTR-351 94-104 (1995) FRAGSTATS: Spatial pattern analysis program for quantifying landscape structure, by K. McGarigal and B.J. Marks [Abstract]


GTR-350 94-156 (1995) Strategies and recommendations for addressing forest health issues in the Blue Mountains of Oregon and Washington, by J.A. Tanaka, G.L. Starr, and T.M. Quigley


GTR-349 94-191 (1995) Laminated root rot in western North America, by W.G. Thies and R.N. Sturrock [Abstract]


GTR-346 92-175 (1995) Phytosociology and succession on earthquake-uplifted coastal wetlands, Copper River Delta, Alaska,  by T.F. Thilenius (2.47 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-345 93-199 (1995) SBEXPERT user's guide (Version 1.0): a knowledge-based decision-support system for spruce beetle management, by K.M. Reynolds, E.H. Holsten, and R.A. Werner


GTR-344 94-043 (1995) Estimated economic impacts on the timber range and recreation programs on NFS and BLM public lands from adopting the proposed interim PACFISH, by N.A. Bolon, C.S. Hansen-Murray, and R.W. Haynes (1.95 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-343 93-047 (1995) Owls of old forests of the world, by B.G. Marcot [Abstract]


GTR-342 94-157 (1994) Mount St. Helens, biological research following the 1980 eruptions: an indexed bibliography and research abstracts (1980-1993), by P.M. Franzen, A.M. Delano, and C.M. Crisafulli


GTR-341 94-162 (1994) Adaptive ecosystem management in the Pacific Northwest, by B.T. Bormann, P.G. Cunningham, M.H. Brookes, V.W. Manning, and M.W. Collopy


GTR-340 92-153 (1994) Software for computing plant biomass: user's guide, by J.E. Means, H.A. Hansen, G.J. Koerper, P.B. Alaback, and M.W. Klopsch  [Abstract]  Available in electronic format only


GTR-339 (1994) Forest health in the Blue Mountains: an ecologist's perspective on ecosystem processes and biological diversity, by Charles G. Johnson, Jr. [Abstract] (1.3 MB) Available in electronic format only


GTR-337 93-173 (1995) The biology of amphibians and reptiles in old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, by A.R. Blaustein, J.J. Beatty, D.H. Olson, and R.M. Storm


GTR-336 93-193 (1994) Expanding horizons of forest ecosystems management: proceedings of the third habitat futures workshop, by M.H. Huff, S.E. McDonald, H. Gucinski, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-333 93-154 (1994) Monitoring larval populations of the Douglas-fir tussock moth and the western budworm on permanent plots, by R.R. Mason and H.G. Paul (3.30 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-332 (1994) Animal damage management handbook, by H.C. Black, tech. ed. [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-331 93-224 (1994) Volume V: a framework for sustainable ecosystem management, by B.T. Bormann, M.H. Brookes, E.D. Ford, A.R. Kiester, C.D. Oliver, and J.F. Weigand [Abstract]


GTR-330 94-063 (1994) Volume IV: restoration of stressed sites and processes, by R.L. Everett, comp. (1.63 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-329 93-207 (1994) Managing for featured, threatened, endangered, and sensitive species and unique habitats for ecosystem sustainability, by B.G. Marcot, M.J. Wisdom, H.W. Li, and G.C. Castillo (848 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-328 94-066 (1994) Historical and current forest landscapes of eastern Oregon and Washington. Part I: Vegetation pattern and insect and disease hazards, by J.F. Lehmkuhl, P.F. Hessburg, R.L. Everett, M.H. Huff, and R.D. Ottmar [Abstract]


GTR-327 94-072 (1994) Historical and current roles of insects and pathogens in eastern Oregon and Washington forested landscapes, by P.F. Hessburg, R.G. Mitchell, and G.M. Filip [Abstract]


GTR-326 93-206 (1994) Ecological health of river basins in forested regions of eastern Washington and Oregon, by R.C. Wissmar, J.E. Smith, B.A. McIntosh, H.W. Li, G.H. Reeves, and J.R. Sedell [Abstract]


GTR-325 93-205 (1994) Effects of long-term use by big game and livestock in the Blue Mountains forest ecosystems, by L.L. Irwin, J.G. Cook, R.A. Riggs, and J.M. Skovlin (2.67 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-324 94-004 (1994) Eastside forest management practices: historical overview, extent of their application, and their effects on sustainability of ecosystems, by C.D. Oliver, L.L. Irwin, and W.H. Knapp [Abstract]


GTR-323 93-204 (1994) Biotic and abiotic processes in eastside ecosystems: the effects of management on soil properties, processes, and productivity, by A.E. Harvey, J.M. Geest, G.I. McDonald, M.F. Jurgensen, P.H. Cochran, D. Zabowski, and R.T. Meurisse (2.07 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-322 93-217 (1994) Biotic and abiotic processes in eastside ecosystems: the effects of management on plant and community ecology and on stand and landscape vegetation dynamics, by C.G. Johnson, R.R. Clausnitzer, P.J. Mehringer, and C.D. Oliver (1.68 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-321 93-181 (1994) Management history of eastside ecosystems: changes in fish habitat over 50 years, 1935-1992,  by B.A. McIntosh, J.R. Sedell, J.E. Smith, R.C. Wissmar, S.E. Clarke, G.H. Reeves, and L.A. Brown


GTR-320 93-203 (1994) Fire and weather disturbances in terrestrial ecosystems of the eastern Cascades, by J.K. Agee (979 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-319 93-202 (1994) Landscape and the intermontane Northwest: an environmental history, by W.G. Robbins and D.W. Wolfe (610 Kb) [Abstract]


GTR-318 93-232 (1994) Volume II: Ecosystem management: principles and applications, by M.S. Jensen and P.S. Bourgeron, tech. eds. [Abstract]


GTR-317 93-226 (1994) Volume I: Executive summary, by R. Everett, P. Hessburg, M. Jensen, and B. Bormann [Abstract] Available in electronic format only


GTR-315 93-107 (1995) Interpreting long-term trends in Blue Mountain ecosystems from repeat photography, by J.M. Skovlin and J.W. Thomas


GTR-314 93-046 (1993) Forestry sector analysis developing countries: issues and methods, by R.W. Haynes


GTR-313 (1993) Techniques to construct New Zealand elk-proof fence, by Larry D. Bryant, Jack W. Thomas, and Mary M. Rowland [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-312 (1993) Sites for retrospective studies: opportunities for research in western Washington and Oregon, by Ted B. Thomas, John F. Lehmkuhl, Martin G. Raphael, Dean S. DeBell [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-311 92-206 (1993) Protocols for care and handling of deer and elk at the Starkey Experimental Forest and Range, by M.J. Wisdom, J.G. Cook, M.M. Rowland, and J.H. Noyes


GTR-309 92-108 (1993) Biology, ecology, and social aspects of wild edible mushrooms in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, by R. Molina, T. O'Dell, D. Luoman, M. Amaranthus, M. Castellano, and K. Russell [Abstract] (2.68 MB) Available in electronic format only


GTR-308 92-164 (1993) Biology of bats in Douglas-fir forests, by R.E. Christy and S.D. West [Abstract] (1.23 MB)


GTR-307 92-119 (1992) The economic impact on the forest sector of critical habitat delineation for salmon in the Columbia and Snake River basins, by R.W. Haynes, N.A. Bolon, and D.T. Hormaechea


GTR-306 (1993) Inexpensive camera systems for detecting martens, fishers, and other animals, by L.L.C. Jones and J.G. Raphael [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-303 92-303 (1992) Microcomputer software for calculating the western Oregon elk habitat effectiveness index, by A. Ager and M. Hitchcock. [Abstract] (621 Kb) Available in electronic format only.


GTR-301 (1992) Microcomputer software for calculating an elk habitat effectiveness index on Blue Mountain winter ranges, by M. Hitchcock and A. Ager. [Abstract] (369 Kb) Available in electronic format only.


GTR-300 92-040 (1992) DF Prune user's guide, by R.D. Fight, J.M. Chaill, and T.D. Fahey


GTR-293 89-053 (1992) Vandalism: research, prevention, and social policy, by H.H. Christensen, D.R. Johnson, and M.H. Brookes, tech. eds.


GTR-289 91-094 (1992) PP PRUNE user's guide, by N.A. Bolon, R.D. Fight, and J.M. Cahill


GTR-288 91-050 (1992) Ethical questions for resource managers, by G.H. Reeves, D.L. Bottom, and M.H. Brookes, tech. eds.


GTR-286 90-002 (1992) The Alaska vegetation classification, by L.A. Viereck, C.T. Dyrness, A.R. Batten, and K.J. Wenzlick [Abstract]


GTR-285 (1991) Wildlife and vegetation of unmanaged Douglas-fir forests, by L.F. Ruggiero, K.B. Aubry, A.B. Carey, and M.H. Huff, tech. eds. Available in electronic format only.


GTR-284 91-026 (1992) Native timber harvests in southeast Alaska, by G. Knapp


GTR-281 91-021 (1992) The aggregate timberland assessment system--ATLAS: a comprehensive timber projection model, by J.R. Mills and J.C. Kincaid


GTR-276 (1991) The biology of arboreal rodents in Douglas-fir forests, by A.B. Carey [Abstract] Available in electronic format only


GTR-275 (1991) Sampling methods for amphibians in streams in the Pacific Northwest, by R.B. Bury and P.S. Corn [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-274 90-092 (1991) A user's guide for SAMM: a prototype southeast Alaska multiresource model, by D.L. Weyermann, R.D. Fight, and L.D. Garrett


GTR-273 (1991) Methods for measuring populations of arboreal rodents, by A.B. Carey, B.L. Biswell, and T.W. Witt [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-272 89-253 (1991) Radio telemetry methods for studying spotted owls in the Pacific Northwest, by J.H. Guetterman, J.A. Burns, J.A. Reid, R.B. Horn, and C.C. Foster


GTR-271 89-163 (1992) Alaska research natural areas 3: Serpentine Slide,  by G.P. Juday [Abstract]


GTR-270 89-089 (1991) Provisional tree seed zones and transfer guidelines for Alaska, by J.N. Alden


GTR-269 (1990) Techniques for monitoring pileated woodpeckers, by Evelyn L. Bull, Richard S. Holthausen, Marie G. Henjum (2.74 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-268 (1991) Research publications of the Cascade Head Experimental Forest and Scenic Research Area, Oregon Coast Range, 1934 to 1990, by S.E. Greene, T. Blinn [Abstract] (1.46 MB)


GTR-267 (1991) Evaluation of a stream channel-type system for southeast Alaska, by M.D. Bryant, P.E. Porter, S.J. Paustian (929 KB) [Abstract]


GTR-266 (1991) Fifty years of research progress: a historical document on the Starkey Experimental Forest and Range, by Jon M. Skovlin [Abstract]


GTR-265 (1990) Ecology of the great gray owl, by E.L. Bull and M.G. Henjum [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-264 (1990) An analysis of the timber situation in Alaska: 1970-2010, by Richard W. Haynes, David J. Brooks (1.94 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-262 (1990) Assessment and management of animal damage in Pacific Northwest forests: an annotated bibliography, by D.M. Loucks, H.C. Black, M.L. Roush, S.R. Radosevich (1.5 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-261 90-056 (1990) Timber products output and timber harvests in Alaska: projects for 1989-2010, by D.J. Brooks and R.W. Haynes [Abstract]


GTR-260 (1990) Training guide for bird identification in Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir forests, by A.B. Carey, V.E. Castellano, C. Chappell, R. Kuntz, R.W. Lundquist, B.G. Marcot, S.K. Nelson, and P. Sullivan, tech. comps. (964 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-256 (1990) Sampling methods for terrestrial amphibians and reptiles, by P.S. Corn and R.B. Bury (683 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-255 88-235 (1990) SAMM: a prototype southeast Alaska multiresource model, by R.D. Fight, L.D. Garrett, D.L. Weyermann, tech. eds. (1.13 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-254 (1990) Fire history and pattern in a Cascade Range landscape, by P.H. Morrison and F.J. Swanson [Abstract] Available in electronic format only. This publication is in two parts with a continuation button at the end of part 1.


GTR-253 (1979) Fifty-year development of Douglas-fir stands planted at
various spacings, Donald L. Reukema (1.59 MB) [Abstract]


GTR-251 (1990) Airborne monitoring and smoke characterization of prescribed fires on forest lands in western Washington and Oregon, by L.F. Radke, J.H. Lyons, P.V. Hobbs, D.A. Hegg, D.V. Sandberg, D.E. Ward (2.42 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-229 (1998) From the forest to the sea: a story of fallen trees, by C. Maser, R.F. Tarrant, J.M. Trappe, and J.F. Franklin, tech. eds. [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-220 (1988) The RAPID technique: a new method for evaluating downstream effects of forest practices on riparian zones, by Gordon Grant (876 Kb) Available in electronic format only.


GTR-218 (1988) Habitat-effectiveness index for elk on Blue Mountain Winter Ranges, by J.W. Thomas, D.A. Leckenby, M. Henjum, R.J. Pedersen, L.D. Bryant (257 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-192 (1986) A method of site quality evaluation for red alder, by Constance A. Harrington (799 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-189 (1985) Wildlife habitats in managed rangelands--the Great Basin of southeastern Oregon: management practices and options, by Frederick C. Hall. (716 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-185 (1985) Ecology and management of the spotted owl in the Pacific Northwest, by R.J. Gutierrez and A.B. Carey, tech. eds. (2.02 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-182 (1985) The role of the genus Ceanofhus in western forest ecosystems, by Susan G.Conard, Annabelle E. Jaramillo, Kermit Cromack Jr., Sharon Rose, comps. (972 KB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-164 (1984) The seen and unseen world of the fallen tree, by C. Maser and J.M. Trappe, tech. eds. (3.5 MB)This publication is in four parts and is available in electronic format only.


GTR-159 (1983) Wildlife habitats in managed rangelands—The Great Basin of southeastern Oregon, by W. Van Dyke, A. Sands, J. Yoakum, A. Polenz, and J. Blaisdell. (7.87 MB) Available in electronic format only.


GTR-155 (1983) Procedures for establishing and maintaining permanent plots for silvicultural and yield research, Robert O. Curtis (819 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-152 (1983) Safety in bear country: protective measures and bullet performance at short range, by W.R. Meehan and J.F. Thilenius (1.9 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-141 (1982) Workshop on sediment budgets and routing in forested drainage basins: proceedings, by F.J. Swanson, R.J. Janda, T. Dunne, D.N. Swanston, tech. eds. [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-139 (1982) Wildlife habitats in managed rangelands--the great basin of southeastern Oregon: mule deer, by D.A. Leckenby, D.P. Sheehy, C.H. Nellis, R.J. Scherzinger, I.D. Luman, W. Elmore, J.C. Lemos, L. Doughty, and C.E. Trainer (1.03 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-128 81-076 (1986) Analysis of change in timber volume on non-federal timberlands in Washington, by D.D. Oswald


GTR-118 (1981) Ecological characteristics of old-growth Douglas-fir forests, by J.F. Franklin, K. Cromack, Jr., W. Denison, A. McKee, C. Maser, J. Sedell, F. Swanson, and G. Juday (Part 1) (Part 2) This publication is in two parts and is available in electronic format only.


GTR-098 (1979) The recreation opportunity spectrum: a framework for planning, management, and research, by R.N. Clark and G.H. Stankey (1.5 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-95 (1979) Photo series for quantifying forest residues in the: sierra mixed conifer type, sierra true fir type, by W.G. Maxwell, F.R. Ward (2.2 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-093 (1979) Huckleberry ecology and management research in the Pacific Northwest, by D. Minore, A.W. Smart, and M.E. Dubrasich [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-083 (1979) Fertilizing Douglas-fir forests, by Richard E. Miller, Roger D. Fight (911 Kb) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-051 (1976) Photo series for quantifying Douglas-fir in coast areas of Oregon: hardwood type and hemlock type, by W.G. Maxwell and F.R. Ward [Abstract]


GTR-30 (1975) Guidelines for precommercial thinning of Douglas-fir, By Donald L. Reukema (1.0 MB) [Abstract] Available in electronic format only.


GTR-008 87-248 (1988) Natural vegetation of Washington and Oregon (supplemental bibliography), by J.F. Franklin and T. Blinn

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