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Integrated restoration of forested ecosystems to achieve multiresource benefits: proceedings of the 2007 national silviculture workshop.

Deal, Robert L., tech. ed. 2008. Integrated restoration of forested ecosystems to achieve multiresource benefits: proceedings of the 2007 national silviculture workshop. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-733. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 306 p..


Part A (PDF - 1.53 MB)

Table of Contents


Part B (PDF - 3.02 MB)

1. Caring for Our Natural Assets: An Ecosystem Services Perspective.
Sally Collins and Elizabeth Larry

13. A Framework for Restoration in the National Forests.
Thomas R. Crow


23. The Silviculture of Restoration: A Historical Perspective With Contemporary Application.
James M. Guldin


Part C (PDF - 1.36 MB)

37. Fairly Sustainable Forestry: Seven Key Concepts for Defining Local Sustainability in a Global Ecosystem.
Stephen R. Shifley


49. Desired Vegetation Condition and Restoration Goals in a Changing Climate: A Forest Management Challenge.
Linda C. Brett


57. Learning, Connecting, Reconnecting: Summary of the 2007 National Silviculture Workshop.
Russell T. Graham and Theresa B. Jain


Part D (PDF - 2.94 MB)

77. Understory Vegetation Responses to Initial Thinning of Douglas-fir Plantations Undergoing Conversion to Uneven-Age Management.
Paul D. Anderson


91. Sustaining Northern Red Oak Forests: Managing Oak From Regeneration to Canopy Dominance in Mature Stands.
Daniel C. Dey, Gary W. Miller, and John M. Kabrick


107. Restoring East-Side Ponderosa Pine Ecosystems at the Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest: A Case Study.
Jianwei Zhang and Martin W. Ritchie


117. Silvicultural Strategies for Restoring Missouri Ozark Ecosystems on
the Mark Twain National Forest.
Paul Nelson and Charly Studyvin


127. Integrating Land and Resource Management Plans and Applied Large-Scale Research on Two National Forests.
Callie Jo Schweitzer, Stacy Clark, Glen Gaines, Paul Finke, Kurt Gottschalk, and David Loftis


135. The Potential Role of Red Alder to Increase Structural and Biological Complexity in Even-Aged Hemlock-Spruce Stands of Southeast Alaska.
Robert L. Deal and James M. Russell


Part E (PDF - 3.04 MB)

147. Restoration of Northern Rocky Mountain Moist Forests: Integrating Fuel Treatments From the Site to the Landscape.
Theresa B. Jain, Russell T. Graham, Jonathan Sandquist, Matthew Butler, Karen Brockus, Daniel Frigard, David Cobb, Han Sup-Han, Jeff Halbrook, Robert Denner, and Jeffrey S. Evans


Part F (PDF - 1.63 MB)

173. Implementing Northern Goshawk Habitat Management in Southwestern Forests: A Template for Restoring Fire-Adapted Forest Ecosystems.
James A. Youtz, Russell T. Graham, Richard T. Reynolds, and Jerry Simon


193. Assessing the Ecological Benefits and Opportunity Costs of Alternative Stream Management Zone Widths for Eastern Hardwoods
Chris B. LeDoux and Ethel Wilkerson


Part G (PDF - 1.07 MB)

211. Restoring Old-Growth Southern Pine Ecosystems: Strategic Lessons From Long-Term Silvicultural Research.
Don C. Bragg, Michael G. Shelton, and James M. Guldin


225. Adaptive Management of Young Stands on the Tongass National Forest.
Michael H. McClellan


233. Yellow-Cedar Decline: Conserving a Climate-Sensitive Tree Species as Alaska Warms.
Paul E. Hennon, David V. D’Amore, Dustin T. Wittwer, and John P. Caouette


Part H (PDF - 2.13 MB)

247. The Role of Silvicultural Thinning in Eastern Forests Threatened by
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae).
Mary Ann Fajvan


257. Hayes Creek Fuel Reduction Project: A Success Story.
Kim M. Johnson


271. Long-Term Basal Area and Diameter Growth Responses of Western Hemlock–Sitka Spruce Stands in Southeast Alaska to a Range of Thinning Intensities.
Nathan J. Poage


281. Developing a Unified Monitoring and Reporting System: A Key to Successful Restoration of Mixed-Oak Forests Throughout the Central Hardwood Region.
Daniel A. Yaussy, Gregory J. Nowacki, Thomas M. Schuler, Daniel C. Dey, and Eugene J. DeGayner

289. Poster Abstracts






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