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HJ Andrews Symposium History of Ideas: Stream Ecology

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Stream Ecology Presenter: Stan Gregory
Length: 26 min 04 s

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  • Stream Ecosystem Research
  • Nitrogen budget for a small coniferous forest stream
  • Watershed 10 Divided
  • Total Nitrogen Input- Conceptual Model
  • Tons of information
  • Total Nitrogen Input
  • Selected Findings
  • LINX
  • Nitrogen Cycling
  • Comparison of mass balance among forested LINX project sites
  • Percent FBOM
  • Percent of Algae and Bryophytes
  • Percent of Nitrogen
  • Nitrate
  • Model of These dynamics of nitrogen for a stream ecosystem
  • All sites across country
  • Primary Production
  • Assimilation Efficiency
  • Back to Algae
  • Stream Ecosystem Model
  • Model of Abundance of Processes
  • Increases and Decreases
  • Grazing
  • Without Grazing
  • Impact of Nitrogen and Phoshorus on Lignocellulose Decomposition by Stream Wood Microflora
  • Cellulose Mineralization
  • Microbial Film
  • Small streams to large rivers
  • Effects of Canopy, Substrate Composition, and Gradient on the Structure of ....
  • Biomass / Individual
  • Effects of Canopy Modification and Accumulated Sediment on Stream Communities
  • Clear Cuts, Second Growth, and Old Growth
  • Influence of Habitat Manipulations on Interactions Between Cutthroat Trout and Invertebrate Drift
  • Surface Light Intensity
  • Growth Rate related to drift density
  • Mack Creek Cutthroat
  • Entire Willamette Basin
  • Trajectories of Landscape Change
  • Population Chart
  • How can we look out from the Andrews to Larger Society
  • Applications of LTER Research in Regional Landscape Management
  • Where do the ideas come from?
  • Hardworking People
  • Wonderful Organisms
  • Jerry Franklin
  • George Laenkamper
  • The Crew
  • Dave McEntire
  • Jeff Lyford
  • Linda Ashkinn
  • Jim Sedell
  • Randy and Linda on Debris Flow
  • Frank Triska
  • Management is Integral in our community
  • Rejoicing
  • Sedell on Log Jam
  • Underwater Electroshocking
  • Sediment Basin Work
  • Jerry Telling a big story
  • Students tell stories too
  • A wealth of people
  • Triska and Sedell
  • More people
  • Experiments
  • Aquatic insect emergence
  • Norm Anderson
  • Telling Stories
  • John Murrow
  • Throwing Hatchets
  • Studying small streams
  • Sharing Lunch
  • Fred Telling Stories
  • Jim Sedell
  • Old Friends
  • Getting Crazy
  • It works because...
  • We care because...
  • Share the Legends