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CALFED: Deer Creek Watershed Conservancy

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Deer CreekPresenter: Holly Savage, Deer Creek Watershed Conservancy
Length: 6 min

View: Part 1


  • The Watershed
  • The Landowners
  • The Conservancy
  • Maintaining Stream Flows Flows Necessary for Unimpaired Fish Passage for Chinook Salmon and Steelhead
  • Maintaining the High Water Quality of Deer Creek
  • Protecting Anadromous Fish Spawning, Rearing and Holding Habitat
  • Protecting and Enhancing Aquatic Habitat and Stream Bank Vegetation
  • Managing Rangeland for Multiple Resource Protection and Enhancement ...
  • Maintaining the Low Density Agriculturally Based Land Uses Within the Watershed
  • Promoting Good Land Stewardship Through Education
  • Continuing Deer Creek Watershed Conservancys Role in the Ongoing Management of the Deer Creek Watershed
  • Cooperation and Support
  • Board of Directors and Staff