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CALFED: Almanor Ranger District Lassen National Forest CalFed Watershed Improvement

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Almanor RangerPresenter: Ken Roby, U.S. Forest Service, Lassen National Forest
Length: 2 Parts, 30 min 50 s

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       Part 1

  • Almanor Ranger District Lassen National Forest Calfed Watershed Improvement
  • Overview
  • Historical Background
  • Importance of Anadromous Fish
  • Land and Resource Management Plan
  • Impetus for Change- PACFISH
  • Pacfish EA Cover
  • Focus Shifts to Fish
  • About the Watersheds
  • Map
  • The Sacramento River
  • Lassen Peak
  • Foothills
  • Transition From Oak to Conifers
  • Conifers Toward Foothills
  • Deer Creek, Upper Watershed
  • About the Watersheds
  • Partnerships
  • Deer Creek Watershed Management Plan
  • Developing Partnerships is Critical
  • Planning and Analysis
  • Road Inventory Conducted in 1996
  • Road Inventory Report
  • Roads primary source of erosion
  • Crossing failures primary source of erosion
  • Road Erosion rates seven times higher on rhyolite than other soils
  • Watershed Analysis
  • WA looked at historic conditions
  • WA compared historic and current conditions
  • WA Identified important watershed processes
  • Lassen Peak eruption from Red Bluff
  • Important Issues and Questions
  • Cultural Importance
  • Foothill Yellow Legged Frog
  • Spotted Owl
  • Eastern Tehama Deer Herd
  • Recreational Fishing
  • Timber Management
  • Historic condition of fisheries
  • Watershed Analysis: Rhyolitic Soils
  • WA: Disturbance
  • Roading by decade, Deer Creek watershed
  • Watershed Assessment: Conclusions
  • WA: Aquatic Resources

      Part 2

  • Spring run chinnok salmon
  • Confluence of Issues
  • WA Recommendations
  • WA Improvement Recommendations
  • Road Inventories and Engineering Evaluations
  • Deer Creek Watershed Map
  • Building the Foundation- Road Analysis Process
  • Outcomes
  • Establishing Priorities: Watershed Scale
  • Map of Location of the 5 Watersheds
  • Decision Made to Apply Watershed Improvements...
  • Establishing Priorities: Sub-Watershed Scale
  • Location of priority subwatersheds
  • Establishing Priorities: Site Scale
  • Treatment of near stream road (decommissioning)
  • Example of gully resulting from stream diversion
  • Treatment of stream diversion gully
  • Roads not needed for long-term management are priority for decommissioning
  • Funding Opportunities (on the Lassen NF)
  • California Bay-Delta Authority
  • Calfed Projects
  • Results of CalFed Funding
  • Implementation
  • Failed crossing before treatment
  • Failed crossing after treatment
  • Diversion Potential dip and armoured overflow
  • Road surfacing and outsloping
  • Metal end section
  • Decommissioned Landing
  • Accomplishments
  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring is Multi-Scale
  • In-Channel monitoring (particle counts)
  • Grate on culvert drop inlet
  • Primary Benefits of Monitoring
  • Lessons Learned
  • Summary- Accomplishments