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Roads Riparian Restoration: Riparian Considerations

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Riparian Considerations Presenter: Lisa Lewis
Length: 2 Parts, 26 min 23 s

View: Part 1 | Part 2


       Part 1

  • Riparian Considerations
  • Goals
  • What is a Riparian Area
  • Riparian Areas - Lentic
  • Riparian Areas - Lotic
  • Riparian Considerations
  • Water Storage in Riparian Areas
  • Healthy Riparian Areas
  • Roads- Riparian- Restoration- and Management
  • Seeing the Bigger Picture
  • Water Catchment- Geology- and Climate
  • Geology Determines
  • Climate Determines
  • Forested Mountains to Grassy Plains
  • How Roads Affect Riparian Health
  • Surface Erosion
  • Major Landslides
  • Roads Provide Many Opportunities
  • Place for Relaxation
  • Canvas for Talented Artists
  • Unfortunately Roads Cannot Substitute for a Creek
  • Road Maintenance and Improvement Needs
  • Thin Line Between Love and Hate
  • Riparian Components
  • Key Points
  • Creeks and Communities

       Part 2

  • Mountain Roads of Tomorrow
  • Roads are not the Only Reason
  • Riparian Components
  • Schumms Model
  • Source or Headwater Reaches
  • Transfer Reaches
  • Depositional Reaches
  • Keeping the Balance
  • Components of a Healthy Riparian Area
  • Mechanisms of Change
  • Riparian Areas Changed by Us
  • Loss of Riparian Vegetation and Streambed Disturbance
  • Reduced Water Quality and Water Quantity
  • Altered Floodplains and Constricted Channels
  • Channel Widening
  • Channel Entrenchment and Straightening
  • Bring People Together
  • What Riparian Reaches are your Roads Travelling Through
  • Riparian Components