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Passage of Juvenile Cutthroat and steelhead Through Retrofitted Culverts

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RetrofitPresenter: Jeffrey McEnroe
Length: 3 Parts, 35 min 04 s

View: Part 1 | Part 2


       Part 1

  • Materials and Methods
  • Little Lobster Creek
  • Hayden Creek
  • Alder Brook
  • Stemple Creek
  • Hough Creek
  • Canyon Creek #2
  • Canyon Creek #3
  • Mark-Recapture Methods
  • Mark-Recapture Results
  • Mark-Recapture Statistics
  • Controlled Release Materials and Methods
  • Experimental Diagram
  • Image inside the culvert looking upstream
  • Image inside culvert looking downstream
  • Controlled Release Results

       Part 2

  • Fish movement in the culvert during winter base flows
  • Juvi steelhead movement during summer
  • Statistics
  • Statistics cont...
  • Odds comparison between winter and summer baffle designs
  • Discussion
  • Future Research