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The Biology of Culvert Barriers: Culvert Test Bed - 2005 Status

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Regional Effectiveness Presenter: Brian May
Length: 3 parts, 40 min and 56 s

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       Part 1

  • Culvert Test Bed - 2005 Status
  • Presentation Overview
  • CTB Site at WDFW Skookumchuck Hatchery
  • General Benefits of CTB Approach
  • CTB Facility
  • Culvert Test Bed (CTB)
  • Design Criteria for Test Bed
  • Culvert Test Bed Capabilities
  • CTB Culvert Configurations
  • CTB Tailwater Net-Pen
  • CTB Outlet and Fish Ponds
  • Hydraulic Measurements Use Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV)
  • Describing Flow
  • Measurement Plan
  • Hydraulic Measurements
  • Preliminary Results
  • Reduced Velocity Zone (RVZ)

       Part 2

  • Juvenile Fish Passage - Behavioral Testing
  • Preliminary Results
  • Juvenile Leaping - Preliminary Results
  • Moving at Night
  • Moving at Night Even When Shaded
  • Juvenile Fish Passage is Limited by Flow (Velocity) in the CTB
  • Juvenile Coho Tend to Exit Culvert from RVZ
  • Pool Depth Testing - Preliminary Results
  • Fish Density Testing - Preliminary Results

       Part 3

  • Juvenile Leaping - Preliminary Results
  • Fish Behavioral Summary
  • Next Steps for CTB Project