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Roads Riparian Restoration: Low-water Crossings

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Low-water CrossingsPresenter: Terry Warhol
Length: 15 min 23 s

View: Part 1 | Part 2


       Part 1

  • Low Water Crossings
  • The Three General Types
  • Vented Fords
  • Example of Vented Ford with 4 Culverts
  • Another Example using Gabian Baskets
  • Multiple 24 inch Culverts
  • Ford Crossing Needs to be Low Spot
  • Concrete Pipes Too Small
  • Open Concrete Box Culvert Replacement
  • Example of a Failed Vented Ford
  • Same Structure Looking Upstream
  • Replacement Metal Grated Top Ford
  • Vented Concrete Box
  • Looking Upstream at Concrete Box
  • Another Good Installation Example
  • Crossing that Provides for Traffic in most Flow Regimes
  • Overtopping by Flooding and Showing Excellent Ford Design
  • Poorly Located Fish Passage Structure
  • After the Fish Passage Structure Removed
  • Headcutting Occurs from the Downstream Up
  • High Gradient Channel Ford
  • Trash Rack View
  • Unvented Fords
  • Heavy Rip Rap Ford

       Part 2

  • Large Rip Rap Unvented Ford
  • Campground Unvented Ford
  • No Problem for Passenger Car Traffic
  • Beaver Predicament
  • Jersey Barriers in the Southwest
  • Rip Rap Placed as Erosion Protection
  • Paved Surface through the Ford
  • Overtopping
  • Extreme Example of Low Water Ford
  • Structure to Provide Passage for Fish
  • Two I Beams
  • Polasky Width
  • Erosion Protection
  • Rip Rap for Erosion Protection
  • Low Water Bridges
  • Grated Top Box Culvert
  • Low Water Bridge After Overtopping
  • System of Concrete Piers
  • Cattle Guard Deck
  • Dont Drive Through Unknown Depth
  • Some Points to Remember