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The Hawaii Experimental Tropical Forest: A new pathway to enhance the quality and reverence of forestry research, education, and demonstration in the pacific

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SoilsPresenter: J. Boone Kauffman
Length: 17 min 53 s

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  • The HTEF
  • Lugo Quote
  • Long-Term Ecological Studies
  • Research affects policy
  • Representing Hawaiian ecosystems
  • Evolution of HTEF
  • Tropical Recovery Act
  • Governor Linda Lingle
  • Finding to Lohan
  • 23 March 2007
  • Objectives for HTEF
  • Laupahoehoe
  • Perspective on Laupehoehoe
  • Representative scenes
  • More scenes
  • Forest issues
  • Dry side unit
  • Puu Waa waa Unit
  • Aerial of Puu Waa waa
  • Mountains to the sea
  • Puu Waa waa unit
  • Dry side can burn
  • Dry side issues
  • Contributes to the EF Network
  • Vision for the HTEF
  • Education and Demonstration
  • 2007 Highlights
  • More is possible!
  • Welcome to researchers
  • Mahalo