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The Biology of Culvert Barriers: Aquatic Monitoring- Organism Passage

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Aquatic Monitoring Presenter: Mark Hudy
Length: 2 parts, 18 min and 46 s

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       Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Fish Passage is a National Issue
  • Culvert Barrier Image
  • Culvert Barrier Image (Helm's Deep)
  • Top Ten List
  • Passage Gates
  • HUC
  • Fish Species in the Watershed
  • Spawning Migration- Longnose Dace
  • Spawning Migration- Redside Shiner
  • Spawning Migration- All Fish
  • 50 Percent Exceedence Flow Rationale
  • Fragmentation Process
  • Is Fragmentation Really Happening
  • Study Design
  • Fragmented Habitats
  • Brook Trout Model
  • Fan Tailed Darter Model
  • Approaches
  • Coarse Filters
  • Predictive Model Development
  • Predictive Models
  • Field Measurements
  • Model C

       Part 2

  • Percentage Classified as Red or Green
  • Agreement Single Pipe- Red Coarse Filter vs FishXing
  • Not Enough Green Culverts
  • Validation and Biological Protocol for Indeterminate
  • Fake Culvert Model
  • Group Passable and Impassable
  • Group C Differential Movement
  • Model C - Fan Tailed Darter
  • Model A - Brook Trout
  • Model C - Cyprinidae
  • Management Implications