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The Geomorphic Response of Rivers to Dams: Geomorphic Effects of Dams on Rivers: A tutorial

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EffectsPresenter: Gordon Grant
Length: 5 Parts

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       Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Altered Flow and Sediment Regimes
  • Channel and Reach Scale
  • Channel and Reach Scale- Hydrologic Regime
  • Evaluating altered flow regimes
  • Water Year Graph
  • Pre-Dam Post-Dam Chart
  • Median Annual Hydrographs
  • Glen Canyon Dam Hydrograph
  • Deschutes River Near Madras

      Part 2

  • Peak Discharge Graph
  • Q and Time Graph
  • Applied Stress Graph
  • Applied Stress Graph- Threshold
  • SAND System
  • GRAVEL System

       Part 3

  • Sediment Transport Regime
  • Evaluating altered sediment regimes
  • Sediment Trapping
  • A Few Discharge and Sediment Graphs
  • Capacity- Inflow Ratio

        Part 4

  • Types of downstream channel response
  • Types of downstream channel response cont...
  • Textural coarsening
  • Years After Dam Closure- Graphs
  • Incision / bed degradation
  • Channel Types

        Part 5

  • Distance Downstream from Dam Graph
  • Years After Closure Graph
  • Years After Closure More Graphs
  • Channel Narrowing
  • Lodore Canyon- Green River
  • Channel Width Change Over Time
  • Years After Dam Closure Graphs
  • Years After Closure More Graphs
  • Other Examples of Channel Response
  • Loss of Secondary Channel- Simplification
  • Large decrease in eddy sand bars
  • Stabilization of alluvial fans
  • Lodore Canyon- Green River
  • How do we bring hydrologic and sediment transport effects together?