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The Geomorphic Response of Rivers to Dams: Biological Objectives Tied to Physical Processes

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Biological ObjectivesPresenter: Scott McBain
Length: 4 Parts

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       Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Presentation Outline
  • Historical Perspective
  • Conceptual theme- from Ligon- et al- 1995 (BioScience)
  • Conceptual Framework of Geomorphic and Biotic Relationships
  • Conceptual Approach at Assessing Geomorphic Impacts on Biota

       Part 2

  • Resulting Priority Hypotheses
  • Conceptual Framework of Geomorphic and Biotic Relationships
  • Developing Hypotheses on Causal Mechanisms
  • Attributes of Alluvial River Integrity
  • Attributes of Alluvial River Integrity cont...
  • The Alternate Bar is a Foundation of a Complex Alluvial Channel
  • So What Creates and Maintains a Complex Channel Morphology
  • Hydrograph Component Analysis

       Part 3

  • Hydrology-- Inter-annual variability
  • Hydrology-- Inter-annual variability cont...
  • Different Water Years Provide Different Ecological Functions
  • Describing Intra-Annual Variability

       Part 4

  • Intra-Annual Variability
  • Intra-Annual Variability Cont.
  • Hydrograph Components
  • Hydrograph Functions
  • Spring Seeders
  • Spring Opportunity
  • Hydrograph Components Cont.
  • Low Baseflows
  • Low Baseflow Graph
  • Variable Flows
  • Variable Flows Graph
  • Summary
  • Cautions
  • Musings and Suggestions
  • Challenges and Benefits
  • Pretty Picture